2nd selection completed

The second referee selection is now completed. The elected referees have been communicated via mail by the referee organisation. All of the referees that missed the opportunity this time will of course be mailed. To all of you, the tournament is very grateful and honored over your interest, it is obvious that it is not only a record in participating teams this year, but also a great interest from referees all over the world to take part in Partille Cup. 

In this second selection, the organisation has focused on solid referees with experience from the tournament coming from countries with less participating teams. Furthermore Partille Cup experience as well as potential for coming tournaments have influenced the selection. Considering the coming record in participation, 260 referees have been selected so far in these two selections. Still there is an opportunity to participate as a referee in this years tournament and that is if you are asked to stand on the list of reserves in case of drop offs the next coming weeks. 

As told before the referee organisation has an ambition to provide development within the project Referees in Partille Cup, development that will be noted during this coming tournament.

Soon it is just two months left until Partille Cup – World of Handball and therefor it is of utter importance that you keep yourself informed and that you read the mails of information that will be sent out during this period. As before there will be a referee meeting held at the referee school Monday night. The purpose of the meeting is to inform about news and changes for you referees but until then keep reading your mails and browse the referee site to keep updated.