3 weeks left

It is just about three weeks left until our registration closes down April 1. For those of you who haven’t had the time to register your team it is definitely time to do so. The interest is bigger than ever before for the 2017 year’s tournament and never before Partille Cup has experienced such a huge number of participating teams at this time of year. There will be a an amazing mix of teams from a great number of countries. All of them with different goals in sight when it comes to the games as well as the participation, but they all share the love and passion for the sport handball. The staff of Partille Cup will work devoted for the creation of the world’s finest venue for handball playing youths. The content and the atmosphere of the week are created by all of the people participating in and working with the magical week that is called Partille Cup – World of Handball.  

Some of the age categories are getting full which leads to changes and improvements on the game schedule. This in order to let as many teams as possible take part in the tournament despite the crowded classes. Also our hotels are starting to fill up. For the teams interested in staying at one of the Partille Cup hotels it is time to book now as most of them are full. Still there are a few with family rooms or multiple beds. There are also still possible to book one of the Partille Cup buses, going straight from Stockholm or Oslo to the appointed school or hotel. 

Every summer Partille Cup builds Heden Arena with the capacity of 7 000 spectators. Previous we have completed the final preparations the night before the arrangement, something we intend to change for this coming tournament. Partille Cup would like to invest even more in Heden Arena and use its full capacity. Therefore the final setup will be built in the beginning of the week, with higher stands on the inner field and Dj:s playing music from the start of the group stage  as well as during the play off (Tuesday-Friday).

If you have been here before you know that the audience is doing a great effort to cheer their team. Chants in all languages rumbles in the arena and the atmosphere is fantastic. So if you want to see the excitement, drama and dreams come true – do not miss the finals. Your team need the support!


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