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A Professional event. Gathering the world. Moving forward.

About us

Our event reflect the enthusiasm and passion
for sports of the people behind them.

About Us

About Us

Since 1970 we have believed in the power of handball. It is this 47 year long dedication that defines the Partille Cup spirit. This is what motivates us to work, think and act as an organization for handball, and this is what enables us to be innovative and to promote handball globally.

Our Values

Our Values

Our mission is spread handball international and with “Partille Cup – World of Handball” as a meeting place create understanding and knowledge of different cultures and ways of living among the world’s young handball players”. We act as a professional event. Gathering the world and Moving forward.



The handball club IK Sävehof’s founder, Gunnar Quist, whose idea in 1970 was to start the world´s largest youth handball tournament, past away in 2011. Partille Cup became and still is that meeting place for all young handball players in the world that Gunnar dreamt of. Almost 500.000 participants can thank Gunnar for his vision.

One World

This is what it’s all about

A World of Handball

Partille Cup is the world’s largest and most international handball tournament for youth. The event takes place in Gothenburg every summer. Since its beginning in 1970, over 400 000 participants from 95 different countries spread across six continents have participated in the event. Each year some 21 000 participants representing 1100 teams participate in the Partille Cup and there is no sign of slowing growth!
In 2017, Partille Cup will be played for the 48th consecutive year and if last year was anything to go by, July 3-8 2017 promises to surpass the 21000 participant, 1 000 team and 43 nations represented mark..

Partille Cup is one of the world’s most famous events in youth handball. The tournament is important from many reasons. For one it brings so many visitors to Sweden and Gothenburg, but for us, one of the most important reason is that of the Partille Cup’s ability to make magic by encouraging and fostering both a local and international sense of community.

The meeting place

Partille Cup has become a place where the youth of the world come together as one regardless of background or culture to live and learn and promote understanding. All this is accomplished through the medium of sport and through the great game of handball and that is why Partille Cup is not only about the game of handball, it is about sharing the game internationally. Partille Cup provides a natural meeting place in which such possibilities are not just dreamed about, they are realised.


We hope you feel inspired enough to take part and feel the joy and atmosphere that is created during Partille Cup. There is no other place and no other experience quite like it. So, why not join us in 2017 and become a part of a truly international community.

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