Team World of Handball

We have launched the ”Team World of Handball” app. It is an app that has many features and – above all – you can connect it to your Partille Cup Pass.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can enter your personal data and playing characteristics. In addition to information about age, gender, and the team you play in, you can also enter your best ”skills”. By collecting your friends in the app (scanning QR codes of your friends) you can see your friends profiles.

To make things even more interesting you can participate in different types of challenges. There you can test five different challenges: speed shooting, target shooting, air time, sprint and teqnique. When you participated in these events, your results appear on your profile and you can compete against your friends.

Follow this guide, step by step, and you are all set to go.


ettaThe app is called “Team World of Handball” and is available in the AppStore and Android Market. After downloading, follow the instructions, register and enter your personal information and playing characteristics.


Pair the app with your wristband
On arrival you will get a Partille Cup Pass with a QR code. Scan the code with the reader inside the app to pair your Partille Cup Pass with your profile. 


Gather friends and make new ones
You can scan the code to all your friends. Use the reader inside the app. Do not forget to ask people for permission first! Your friends are displayed in your collection of cards. There you can also see what profile they have and their “skills”.


fyra“Boost your own profile”
By participating in the Intersport Boost and its activities, located at Heden Center, you can get extra points to your profile. You see for example how hard your buddies shoot, how fast they run, and who has the best air time.

femmaMore uses for your wristband
The Partille Cup Passes are a way of identifying your participation in Partille Cup. By displaying the Pass when traveling within the public transportation system in the Gothenburg region, you get free travels. Scanning the QR-code at the entrance of Liseberg will give you free admittance to the park just like several other tourist attractions offer. Read more here on the website to take advantage of all benefits.

plusContests and other fun things
During the week you will be able to participate in several challenges such as; ”Who collects the most friends” or ”Who has the best air time.” Stay up to date through our website for more information.

Download IOS (iPhone)

Download Android