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Today’s hummel

The official sports brand company of Partille Cup – hummel will in addition to offering sales of their popular clothing and shoes activate the participants and the visitors of this years tournament. The company will park their Experiental Truck from Denmark on Heden Center.

The truck that runs down from Copenhagen is equipped with a lot of fun activities and competitions. Visit hummel and test your Fan Roar, take pictures with teammates and challenge them in Foosball. Would you rather take the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and chat with your new handball friends, then you can visit hummel’s own lounge area.

During the event week, hummel organizes a large instagram competition for all participants and visitors:

Today’s hummel

To compete, simply upload a picture of hummel on your instagram feed and hashtag #partillecup and #hummelsverige. A new winner is selected everyday, based on which competitor will post the coolest hummel outfit of the day.

Today’s hummel

1.Post today´s coolest picture wearing hummel clothing.
2. Hashtag #partillecup & #hummelsverige
3. Win awsome prices – everyday!

Will you accept the challenge?

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Double up for our opening show

Because of the great interest for participating in Partille Cup this year, we will perform the Opening Festival Ceremony twice during Tuesday night. This year’s edition of Partille Cup will break our previous all-time-high record with margin. 2017 year’s tournament will be the most visited in our history, something that we have known for quite a while. A wonderful development challenging our organisation in an inspiring way.

During the last couple of years Partille Cup has transformed in several ways, where last year’s switch into a more festival like show stands out as the one with the biggest impact. The show is now even tighter and it’s loaded with more energy. The tournament will continue to develop the technical solutions. This combined with a stage surrounded by giant LED screens will give the technology a central part of the show. The Opening Festival Ceremony will not only be filled with participants on the stands, the floor will also be filled in a genuine Festival style. Despite the new form, we have of course kept our beloved key parts of the show such as the Partille Cup Oath as well as the mighty parade of the participating nations.

With this year’s participants record we wouldn’t be able to squeeze you all in even if stretching the capacity of Scandinavium Arena. Partille Cup is a tournament where team spirit is central and we see upon ourselves as including, and therefore we will do the show twice in the same evening. An earlier for the younger participants and one later in the evening for the elder. As a consequence of doubling the show, we will now be able to provide local teams as wells as the public to buy tickets. Local teams will buy their tickets via Partille Cup office and they will receive a discounted offer in their leader’s mailbox.

It might be the most appreciated element of the tournament and possibly the most unique part as well. For many of our participants, the memories of the night linger long after Partille Cup is over.

The two identical shows will be performed Tuesday July 4 at Scandinavium Arena.

Show 1
The doors open at: 16:30
Show starts: 17:30
For: Participants from 10 up to 14 years of age and co-travelers and the public

Show 2
The doors open at: 19:00
Show starts: 20:00
For: Participants from 15 up to 21 years of age and co-travelers and the public

Tickets for the Opening Festival Ceremony can be bought here.

To read more about the shows and be inspired, please check out our website:

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2nd selection completed

The second referee selection is now completed. The elected referees have been communicated via mail by the referee organisation. All of the referees that missed the opportunity this time will of course be mailed. To all of you, the tournament is very grateful and honored over your interest, it is obvious that it is not only a record in participating teams this year, but also a great interest from referees all over the world to take part in Partille Cup. 

In this second selection, the organisation has focused on solid referees with experience from the tournament coming from countries with less participating teams. Furthermore Partille Cup experience as well as potential for coming tournaments have influenced the selection. Considering the coming record in participation, 260 referees have been selected so far in these two selections. Still there is an opportunity to participate as a referee in this years tournament and that is if you are asked to stand on the list of reserves in case of drop offs the next coming weeks. 

As told before the referee organisation has an ambition to provide development within the project Referees in Partille Cup, development that will be noted during this coming tournament.

Soon it is just two months left until Partille Cup – World of Handball and therefor it is of utter importance that you keep yourself informed and that you read the mails of information that will be sent out during this period. As before there will be a referee meeting held at the referee school Monday night. The purpose of the meeting is to inform about news and changes for you referees but until then keep reading your mails and browse the referee site to keep updated.


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3 more years for hummel

We are happy to announce that hummel has signed up for three more years as a partner to Partille Cup – World of Handball. The agreement runs until 2019. During this period hummel will be Partille Cups official sports brand.

The world’s largest handball tournament for youths continous to strengthen the relationship to hummel, one of the most popular sports brands in the world. The relation will contribute to an even stronger event. During the tournament visitors and participants will be able to shop and enjoy sportswear from the popular hummel handball collection. A collection well balanced of style and retro. 

–        We are happy and proud that hummel will continue our partnership, Fredrik Andersson says, General secretary Partille Cup. As Partille Cup, hummel has a strong belief in the power of meeting people with the sport building bridges between culture, religon and differences. Adding the rich design tradition that hummel stands for, make us confident that this partnership is very good match. The fact that the brand is the most popular sports brand among our participants is just a bonus, Fredrik summarizes. 

Roland “Rolle” Alm, representative for hummel in this partnership agrees;

–        To be part of the world’s largest handball tournament  for youths means the world to us at hummel. The tournament is sharing the same perspective on sport as hummel. That is that handball is more than just games, results and tactics. It is an opportunity of meeting other young people from other parts of the world, having fun together and enjoy the greatest passion of them all in life, handball. To stroll Heden in Gothenburg during the tournament just enjoying the ambiance of 200 K visitors during one week is nothing else than unique within the world of handball. 

The company hummel is a Danish sports brand in sportswear and shoes. The target group consists of teams and personalities loaded with character and team spirit. With a history running back to around 1920, the company made a new course from 1999 and by doing so they increased their market share heavily and became the favorite sports brand for people with a taste for trendy clothes with a retro touch. Besides from dominating the wardrobes of trendy handball players, hummel also shows compassion through their numerous partnership projects within different war torned countries.

Partille Cup is the world’s largest and most international handball tournament for youths, as well as one of Sweden’s largest recurring events in general. The tournament is played annually in the summer in the heart of Gothenburg with over 20.000 participants from over 1100 teams from about 50 nations worldwide. Since the birth of the tournament, close to 500.000 persons have participated, not only resulting in new star players but also in friendship for life and love and passion of the game.

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First referee selection

First referee selection is completed. The referees selected have been informed by mail. The selection consist primarily of referees from our largest participating countries, as well as referees with high standard with a long history at Partille Cup. The tournament is growing this year meaning that a larger number of referees will be selected for the tournament.

During fall and winter, the referee team has read all the results from our referee questionnaires and put together a list of potential improvement areas within the work with the referees of the tournament. The changes begun already last year, but it will be more evident during this coming summer. 

The second selection will be around April 20. For those of you who haven’t been selected yet, please have patience and remember that couples will triumph single referees. So please spread the word among your referee friends out there that there will be a fantastic experience taking place in Gothenburg July 3-8.

Welcome to Partille Cup – World of Handball!

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