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Consat Trophy Award

Consat is the selected official IT supplier for Partille Cup. Working hard and being a team player is vital to achieve great result in sports as well as life. Handball is not just about scoring goals. Handball starts with a greaat defense which is why Consat and Johanna Bundsen, goalkeeper in the swedish antional team, present the Consat Trophy Award for the team with the best defense in Partille Cup! The girl and the boy team with the least conceded goals per match during the group play will win Lenovo Tablets, one for each player in the team.

The data will be based on the Partille Cup official statistics. The award will be presented to the winners on 7th of July at Heden Arena. If one or many team get the same result, the following will be tie-breakers to select:

  1. Most points
  2. Most scored goals
  3. Best position in the group
  4. Decision by the Consat Trophy Award Jury

Consat is the leading Skandinavien IT and Telematics company for Public transportation. During 30 years Consat has been known for undertaking and solving hard and complex projects within automotive, Industry and IT. In real-time they predict when every bus, tram or ferry will arrive at the next bus stop. The information is presented to the traffic management, drivers and od course to all passengers through mobile applications and bus stop signs.

Consat also develope IT and telematic system for large events, smart cities and special vehicles. For five years in a row, Consat has been rewarded one of the top 100 career companies in Sweden.

Consat is a company for winners. They love to win and they do it by working hard together. This is why the company founded the Consat Trophy Award för Partille Cup. Martin Wahlgren, CEO, wish the participants the best of luck and hope that the participants will enjoy every moment of the tournament.

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Handball AID – by Nordstan

Partille Cup and Nordstan is dedicated to contribute positively to our impact on people and the world. Handball AID started as an initiative and a way to contribute. During the tournament, together with our participants and visitors, we collect equipment that would normally be thrown away. Instead it is given new life by giving it to teams who need it better. During this year’s tournament, Handball AID is presented by Nordstan.

Nordstan is Sweden’s most extensive business center in the middle of Gothenburg City. The department store consists of  200 stores filled with fashion, home decoration and electronics and is one of several popular features during the participants’ stay in Gothenburg. We are incredibly happy and proud that Nordstan wants to help us with Handball AID and our work towards a positive impact.

Ulrika Carlsson- CEO of Nordstan talks positively about the cooperation:

“We at Nordstan want to support projects that create community and joy, especially for children and young people. To give more people the opportunity to do sport while reducing ecological footprints at the same time is just such a project we want to stand behind. Therefore, we are very proud to engage in Partille Cup and Handball AID.”

In addition to our collection of equipment to teams in need, we collect money each year by beading and selling bracelets for our foundation- We Care. The foundation makes it possible for teams who don’t have the possibility of attending the tournament on their own a chance to participate.  Visit Handball AID at Heden Center, donate the equipment the children have grown out of and bead or buy a bracelet to support and contribute.

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The schedule and groups are up

Now the schedule and the groups of this years tournament have been published. Note that this is a primary division that may be changed because of team withdrawals.

The teams, with exception of the younger classes, will play their games on many different playing fields around Gothenburg. The younger classes will play mot of their games at Prioritet Serneke Arena, Kviberg, in eastern Gothenburg.

We want to remind you all to fill in your Teamlist as soon as possible. The teamlist must be in order for the teams to be able to participate. It also facilitates our planning of the tournament.

We still have two vacant positions left. One spot in boys -10 and one in Girls-10. Please suggest leaders, clubs and teams who have not already signed up for the vacancies. If you are interested in any of the spots, email: [email protected]

This Friday, June 23th, the game schedule for the groups was presented. Please note that this is a preliminary division and may be changed until the day before the first day of the tournament. 

To the schedule!

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Livestreaming 2017

Now we are doubling up! 

During Partille Cup we will broadcast live from 8 playing fields. Around 500 matches will be broadcasted live on this website. You will have the chance to see your team, your kids, or just to see lot of handball with teams from all over the world. You will be able to watch the games both live and after the tournament. You will be able to find the matches broadcast live trough the game schedule on the website as soon as the schedule is published. Are you up for as many matches as possible, go for the VIP-subscription! More info will follow within shortly.

This is the best way for anyone who can not be here to experience Partille Cup – World of Handball!

You decide how and when


You can find the matches both in the game program on our website and in our apps for both Android and iPhone. You can also watch the games on your computer, smartphone or tablet. The matches are broadcast live and will be available afterwards so you can watch the games wherever you are and whenever you want.

The graphics show the teams playing, what country they represent and their jersey color. The score is constantly updated.

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This year’s collection

Team Sportia, new partner of Partille Cup, presents this year’s collection. The collection made of colorful T-shirts and hoodies fits just as well outside as on the court. This year, the shirts are embellished with the logo from the new graphic profile. The collection will be available at Team Sportia’s sales center at Heden Center during the tournament. This year Team Sportia is adding a new merchandise venue. This year the teams are able to buy the collection at Kviberg Centre as well. 

For many of the participants the merchandise jerseys are a reminder of the amazing summer experience at Partille Cup. Take the opportunity to bring a memory back home.

Team Sportia, who holds the rights of all merchandise in connection to the event, will also offer the participants and visitors a selection of items from the regular store range in addition to selling this year’s collection.

Partille Cup is proud and happy that Team Sportia, who shares our passion for sports, has chosen to enter the tournament as partner for the next three years- until the year 2019.

Håkan Tidstrand runs with his family the Team Sportia stores in Gothenburg and will be focusing on giving the visitors the best experience of the sport chain.

– It is very fun to work with Partille Cup and be able to reach the wide handball audience. Being a part of Partille Cup is an honour for us and to support children and young people is close to our heart. It is an exciting challenge and we look forward to meet all the people from all over the world, says Håkan.

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