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Thank you for a fantastic 2017

Partille Cup 2017 became that great and successful handball party in Gothenburg, just as we hoped it would be! A total of 4206 games where played on 65 venues at Heden, Valhalla, Kviberg, Härlanda Park and Priority Serneke Arena.
In addition, the national team tournament European Open Championship, this year for boys born in 2000 or later, where settled in Lisebergshallen, Valhalla indoor halls and at Scandinavium Arena. In Friday evening’s final of the EOC, the host nation Sweden won 34-22 after an exciting match against Austria in front of 5 400 spectators.

Participants from 43 countries, close to 22,500 players in 1185 games, did not only play handball during the week, they also got to know Gothenburg, visited Liseberg, had fun at the event area at Heden Center, where fascinated by the Universeum, traveled to the archipelago, shopped in Östra Nordstan and around the central parts of the city.

Altogether Partille Cup generates SEK 120 million in tourism income and is of course one of the most important events of the year for the city of Gothenburg.

– It’s been a fantastic week and of course we are, despite a windy Monday and a little rain on the final day, we’re on the whole overjoyed that we were lucky when it came to the weather, says Fredrik Andersson, General Secretary of Partille Cup.

– Especially at Heden the citizens of Gothenburg really helped us all to make Partille Cup such an exciting event. We estimate that more a than quarter of a million people visited us during the week.

In 2018 the Partille Cup event is taking place between the 3rd and the 8th of July.

– 2017 has been our best year so far, Fredrik Andersson says. People I’ve met from all over the world really think we have taken the next step, lifting Partille Cup to the next level. I can’t say that I’m satisfied, you will never be that in my position. But of course I’m happy and proud of what we’ve done this year.

– Still, now we aim to develop further, to make 2018 even better. I can already now promise that we will present a couple of news for next year later on.

When it comes down to pure sport Sweden was the most successful country with seven victories – Denmark just one step behind with six.

All the winners in  Partille Cup 2017:

  • Boys 10: OV Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Boys 11: RK Zagreb 1, Croatia
  • Boys 12: RK Maksimir Pastela, Croatia
  • Boys 13: RK Maksimir Pastela, Croatia
  • Boys 14: RK Zagreb, Croatia 
  • Boys 15: Skanderborg HB, Denmark
  • Boys 16: Skanderborg HB, Denmark
  • Boys 18: Lugi HF 1, Sweden
  • Boys 21: Hjortshöj Egå IF, Denmark
  • Girls 10: Skuru IK, Sweden
  • Girls 11: Alingsås HK, Sweden
  • Girls 12: Kråkeröy IL, Norway
  • Girls 13: Hörning Håndbold 1, Denmark
  • Girls 14: Bording KFUM, Danmark
  • Girls 15: HK Silwing/Troja, Sweden
  • Girls 16: FC Midtjylland, Denmark
  • Girls 18: Sorunda IF, Sweden
  • Girls 21: IK Sävehof, Sweden

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We are the champions (Boys)

B10: IK Sund–OV Helsingborg 6–12  (3–7)

Today’s first final was a Helsingborg derby between Sund and Helsingborg. The players were greeted by warm applause in the rainfall at Heden during Saturday morning. Both teams had gone as a train during the tournament and won all their matches. This time, however, Helsingborg was the strongest. After having a four ball lead in the break, they increased the lead with two goals in the second half and eventually won 12–6. Max Pedersen was one of the field’s best players and he tells that the teams work before the tournament gave results.

– We get through their defense and have a good move. Prior to the tournament, some of us train with those who are one year older and that was good, he says.

B11: RK Zagreb 1–RK Rugvica 14–10 (6–6)

Today’s second final stood between two of Croatia’s best teams in boys 11 – Zagreb and Rugvica. Last year, Zagreb won boys 10 and this year they were looking to take another title. And it started well for the white dressed team who quickly took the lead. At the end of the first half they dropped back a little and in the break we had 6–6 on the scoreboard. But Zagreb would go home with another title. When the final whistle sounded they had done a brilliant second half and won by 14–10. The final goal made Petar Sprem – son of former Croatian national team player Goran Sprem – and he is moved to tears after the game.

– I am very happy! We have played well throughout the whole tournament and we do this as teams not as individuals. We deserve to win, says Petar Sprem.

B21: IK Sävehof–Hjortshöj Egå IF 15–18 (6–11)

After Zagreb celebrated their second straight Partille Cup gold it was time for the third boys final of the day. On Heden 2, two physical teams from Swedish Sävehof and Danish Hjortshöj made up for the victory in boys 21. Sävehof had a thin squad ahead of the finals because of injuries, which meant that the team was forced to walk around a few players while Hjortshöj had a lot more to choose from. This was also shown on the field. The Danes came out strongest and had a lead with five balls at the break. Sävehof stepped up in the second half but did not reach all the way. The match ended 18–15 to Hjortshöj, which celebrated with song and dance after the final whistle.

– All the players from Sävehof were not available and then we have to win this game. Now we are going to celebrate with something good to eat, says Hjortshöjs Kasper Nykjaern

B18: IK Sävehof–Lugi HF 1 21–22 (7–11)

The most thrilling final so far was between the Swedish teams Sävehof and Lugi in boys 18. The match contained high quality handball – both defensive and offensive. Lugi was in the lead at the beginning and Sävehof was struggling to get close to the team from Lund. At half time it was 11–7 to Lugi who got themselves into pole position before the second half. But Sävehof came out as a new team after the break and managed to equalize just before full time. In sudden death, Lugi got a penalty after 20 seconds. From seven meters, Linus Eriksson-Lilja was ice cold and became the match winning hero.

– It felt a little shaky before the penalty but after this match we were worth winning. Now we are going to celebrate with disco on the bus home, he says.

B12: H 71–RK Maksimir Pastela 6–15 (4–6)

In the final for boys 12 played H 71 from the Faroe Islands and RK Maksimir Pastela from Croatia. Just before the match started, the sun came up on the Gothenburg sky and warmed a bit extra. It was not necessary though for the game on the field were hard, tough and tight, which pleased the crowd at Heden 2. After the first half, Maksimir Pastela had the lead with 6–4. When the second half started the Croatians turned up the pace, flew away from their opponents and won with 15–6. Jakov Peric is delighted to win the Partille Cup after last year’s stumbling stop just before the final.

– We went out in the semifinal so I am very happy to win. We are playing well apart from a few technical errors at the start of the game, he says.

B13: RK Maksimir Pastela–Hörning Håndbold 12–11 (8–6)

Two teams from Croatia have already lifted the Partille Cup trophy during Saturday’s previous finals. In boys 13, it was time again when Maksimir Pastela made their younger colleagues company in the honoured group of players of gold medalists of the Partille Cup. But it was not easy hard. Horning Håndbold from Denmark kept pace with the Croats all the way to the finish line. Maksimir Pastela eventually won 12–11 after the halftime result 8–6. Player Ivan Culo from Maksimir Pastela said this with tears in his eyes after the game.

– It feels absolutely unbelievable. We play well defense and that is why we win. I can not find more words right now.

B14: RK Zagreb–Hörning Håndbold 21–9 (12–6)

Croatia’s success story in the Partille Cup 2017 continues. Zagreb’s boys 14 became third straight team in the boys and fourth teams in total from Croatia to take home the gold medal in the Partille Cup. In the final they met Hörning Handbold from Denmark and it did not take long before Zagreb had one hand on the trophy. At Half time it was 12–6 on the scoreboard and in the second half, the Croatians increased that lead and won by 21–9. Andro Lopac was one of the team’s top players and like many of the other winning players in the Partille Cup, he chooses to praise the team.

– We have a better organization and play more like a team than Hörning. I am extremely pleased to have won the Partille Cup and have met so many new friends, he says.

B15: H 71–Skanderborg 8–13 (4–8)

In the second last final of the year, H 71 from Faroe Islands played against Skanderborg from Denmark. It was a tough game with hard play and good support from the stands. The game were physical and the teams gave each other little space to work with. The Danes were ahead from the start and with a good goalkeeper and a good offensive game, they had the lead at halftime – 8–4. The second half was even, but H 71 never managed to close in on their opponents and the green shirted Skanderborg could lift the Partille Cup trophy after winning 13–8. Tomas Sommer-Andersen, was  with his strong breakthrough game, an extremely important reason for the gold ending up in Denmark. He has difficulty in finding the words after the final.

– I do not really know what to say. We win because we have a strong defense. It feels great to have won the Partille Cup, he says.

B16: HK–Aranäs 1–Skanderborg HB 11–15 (5–6)

It was Aranäs and Skanderborg who made up in the boys 16 final as well as the last final of the Partille Cup 2017. The match was even in the beginning and the teams followed followed each other on the scoreboard. Both goalkeepers had a good day and made several good saves during the first 30 minutes. At halftime Skanderborg had the lead by 6–5. In the beginning of the second half, Skanderborg ran away from their opponents. Some suspensions made it difficult for the Swedes to get back into the game. Skanderborg won with 15–11 and the player Oliver Juhl is very happy to lift the trophy.

–It feels incredible! It is the first time I am here, the tournament has been great and to win feels extra special, he says.

The winners of the B-playoffs
B21: Hörning Håndbold (DAN)
B18: Torslanda HK (SWE)
B16: E.C Pinheiros (BRA)
B15: TJ Dukla Praha 1 (CZE)
B14: IFK Kristianstad 3 (SWE)
B13: Ski IL 2 (NOR)
B12: HK Aranäs 2 (SWE)
B11: RK Zagreb 2 (CRO)
B10: Önnereds HK 1 (SWE)

Alexander Olausson

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We are the champions (Girls)

G10: IK Sävehof 4 – Skuru IK 3-13 (1-7)
Skuru IK immediately took the lead in the whole swedish final and went ahead with five goals to one. They led with 7-1 at half time. They never dropped their lead and continued to play great handball and produce goals in the second half. After the final whistle they screamed and hugged a lot. The girls then lifted the trophy and celebrated with the audience. They ran around the pitch and showed pure happiness. 
– It feels great to win the Partille Cup. I’m happy. This is my biggest win so far, says Nova Huselius.
Her dad, ex hockey pro Kristian Huselius, enjoyed the game from the stands.
– He gives me some tips on everything. He says that I should have fun – and win, says Nova with a laugh.

G11: Rödekro IF – Alingsås HK 4-12 (2-8)

The swedish team Alingsås HK started really good and went up 5-0 in the beginning of the final. They kept up the good work and stormed towards the victory. When the match ended Alingsås HK, who also won the Consat Trophy Award for the least number of goals (13 in five matches) conceded in the group stage, had defeated the Danes from Rödekro IF with clear numbers, twelve goals to four. The swedes win was well deserved.
– We knew that they were fast. They were very good, but our shooting was great. It feels very good to win the Partille Cup, says Tuva Ljungqvist.
She new Partille Cup champion was very happy after the final whistle.
– We will celebrate by eating Triumfglass (swedish ice cream), says Ljungqvist.

G21: HK Aranäs – IK Sävehof 17-18 (6-10) after sudden death

The final in the oldest girls class became a thriller. IK Sävehof lead comfortably in the break, but HK Aranäs came back and equalized in the second half. After a real drama the score was 17-17 at full time. The swedish national team player Olivia Mellegård scored the tournament winning goal with a hard.
– It was great fun to score the winner and I am very pleased to win the Partille Cup. It’s a tournament that I played much when I was younger. I have one gold and one silver medal since before but have not played the tournament for five years, says the 21-year-old, who participated in the European Championship in Sweden last year and has won the swedish championship with Sävehof.
She cheered with her teammates at the podium.
–We’ll see how we will celebrate tonight, says Mellegård with a smile.

G18: Sorunda IF – FC Midtjylland 16-14 (8-7)

The G18 final between the swedish side Sorunda IF and FC Midtjylland from Denmark started in high tempo. It was a very tight game. Sorunda IF was one goal up at half time and definitely secured the victory at the last attack when Tilda Lidén scored 16-14.
– It was very nice to make that goal. It’s great fun to win Partille Cup, especially because the team is going to split. We ended our time together by winning this tournament together, says Tilda Lidén happily.
She knows why Sorunda IF managed to go undefeated through the Partille Cup and win the final.
– We know each other very well since we have played together for a long time and have good pace, says the 17-year-old, who will celebrate the victory with a party on the train home to Stockholm.

G12: Kråkeröy IL – H 71 14-11 (8-5)

Kråkeröy IL from Norway faced H 71 from the Faroe Islands in the group stage. That time the norwegians won 13 goals to 12. In the final Kråkeröy IL won against H 71 again. This time the score was 14-11. Adele Resberg Kjölholt was one of the finest players in the G12 final. Afterwards she got to lift the trophy with her friends from Fredrikstad.
– It was very fun to win. We won because we work well together as a team, says Adele Resberg Kjölholt.
She is happy with her own performance.
– I made some important goals, including some penalties.
Adele is very happy but ten games in less than a week also makes you tired.
– We will celebrate by going home and relaxing, says the playmaker.

G13: Hörning Håndbold 1 – Herning FH 1 14-10 (8-4)

Hörning Håndbold 1 from Denmark won against Herning FH 1, also from Denmark. The newly crowned G13 champions were never threatened. They were always one step ahead of the girls in Herning FH 1. And if you win ten out of ten games in the Partille Cup 2017 you have the right to celebrate. Afterwards Hörning Håndbold 1 gathered together in a ring and sang “Undefeated, Undefeated, Undefeated, uh, uh, uh.” Some players cried. It was tears of joy.
– It feels very good to be a champion. We played as a team and had a lot of speed in our legs. We will sing and scream all day, says goalkeeper Cecilia Husum.
The fact that the victory came against a team where she knows some of the players did not make the victory worse.
– It was fun to beat them, says Husum with a laugh.

G14: Nit/Hak HK 1 – Bording KFUM 17-18 (10-8)

Nit/Hak HK 1 from Norway was definitely the better team in the first half and lead by two goals in the break. In the second half we saw a big change in the game. Bording KFUM from Denmark scored a lot of goals and turned the game around. In the last minutes it was very tight. The teams followed each other until 17-17. Everything was settled during the last seconds when Nit/Hak HK 1 got a red card and Bording KFUM was rewarded a penalty shot. Mathilde Troelsen stepped forward and scored the tournament winning goal. Immediately afterwards the referees blew the final whistle. The danes were shocked and happy at the same time.
– I’m a little surprised that we won. It was nice to score the winner and it is fun to win the Partille Cup. We are going to celebrate on the ferry home to Denmark, says Mathilde Troelsen.

G15: Helsingör IF – HK Silwing/Troja 15-17 (10-9)

For the second girls final in a row we got to see the team that was down at half time win the match. HK Silwing/Trojas G15 team fought hard for the victory – in their first Partille Cup tournament ever – against Helsingör IF from Denmark. And the last crucial goal was scored by Elsa Kjellgren. Afterwards everyone wanted to hug the hero.
– Two hours ago I was in the hospital. Now I scored the last goal when we won the Partille Cup. It is sick! says Elsa Kjellgren.
She was in hospital because she thought she had broken her wrist.
– But it was just a big spraining. It was no problem to play, says Kjellgren.
She praises the team effort and the nice atmosphere they have in the team.
– I will celebrate the victory with my wonderful team. It’s so sick that we won the Partille Cup, we’ve never been here before, she says with a wide smile.
The girls in HK Silwing/Troja will cheer all the way home to Stockholm.

G16: Skövde HF – FC Midtjylland 12-14 (7-6)

The G16 final, which was the last of the girls finals, became a tough fight. Skövde HF was one goal ahead at half time but was then defeated by the strong danish side FC Midtjylland. They have their goalkeeper Louise Bak-Jensen to thank much for the victory. She made a number of excellent saves in the final against the swedes.
– I am very pleased. It was great fun to win. I like the Partille Cup. It’s nice here, it’s good weather and the tournament is played outdoors, says Louise Bak-Jensen with a happy laugh.
She promises that they will have a good feeling on the boat trip home to Denmark.
– We will celebrate with the other danish teams that have won the Partille Cup today, says the FC Midtjylland hero.

The winners in the B playoff:
G21: OV Helsingborg (Sweden)
G18: HIK/KFUM (Denmark)
G16: Oppegård IL 1 (Norway)
G15: Lugi HF (Sweden)
G14: Skanderborg HB (Denmark)
G13: Tindlund IF (Norway)
G12: HK Ankaret 2 (Sweden)
G11: Lilleström HK 2 (Norway)
G10: Lugi HF 2 (Sweden)

Eric Nilsson

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Sweden won the EOC 2017

Sweden goes through the European Open Championship (EOC) without losing a single point. On Friday night, the host nation defeated Austria in the final in Scandinavium. The final score was written to 34–22 and there was never a question – Sweden were the better team from start to finish and have done so in all the gamees in the tournament. Valter Chrintz, who usually plays in IFK Kristianstad, scored eight goals in the final and is very pleased with how his team played.

– We were good all the way through. Good saves from the goalkeepers, verything is just perfect.

Yesterday there was a big audience at Heden when Partille All Star met Brazilian HEBS. The audience success has also been a fact at the EOC. In the final there were 5400 people and supported the teams in Scandinavium.

– It was absolutely amazing! You just stood and watched the stands when you sang the national anthem. That there are so many people who want to support is what makes us able to push the whole match today. You just have to say thank you, says Valter Chrintz.

How good is this team?

– If you can be a little confident, it is really good. All guys are absolutely amazing. When it gets a little worse in some situations, some steps up and play as we should.

Final standings of the EOC

Gold: Sweden
Silver: Austria
Bronze: Iceland
Fourth place: Norway
Fifth place: Estonia
Sixth place: Israel
Seventh place: Poland
Eighth place: Czech Republic
Ninth place: Belarus
Tenth place: The Netherlands
Eleventh Place: Romania
Twelfth place: Slovakia
Thirteenth place: Luxembourg
Fourth place: Georgia
Fifteenth place: Finland
Sixteenth place: Faroe Islands

Alexander Olausson

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They won the Consat Trophy Award

Big congrats to Alingsås G11 from Sweden and Hörning B13 from Denmark for winning the Consat Trophy Award 2017! The award is rewarded the teams with the least conceded goals during the group stage.

With an average of 2,4 conceded goals per game the eleven year old girls from Alingsås won the trophy together with the 13 year old boys from Hörning, who conceded 4,6 goals per game.
That is amazing!

Swedish national team player Johanna Bundsen together with Consat handed out the award.

Consat is the selected official IT supplier for Partille Cup.

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