Time for semi-finals in the European Open

Late Wednesday evening it stood clear which four teams that will battle for the title in the elite tournament in girls 18, the European Open. Denmark and Sweden came on first- and second place in group 1 and in group 2 it was Norway and the Netherlands who placed in top.

The semifinals will – as in previous matches – be played in Valhalla and Lisebergshallen during thursday morning. The placement matches will also be played in these arenas.


Semi-finals (Thursday)
Sweden – Netherlands, 11:30, Valhalla A
Denmark-Norway, 11:30, Lisebergshallen

Third place playoff (Friday)
19:00, Scandinavium

Final (Friday)
21:00, Scandinavium

Click here to see times and venues for placement matches

Text: Alexander Olausson
Photo: Peter Birgerstam

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From Zimbabwe to Gothenburg

Clemence Leonard and Jephias Hungwe has travelled all the way from Zimbabwe to be referees in Partille Cup. Despite the long trip they don’t regret their decision for one second.

Jephias Hungwe turns 32 today. He celebrates his birthday at Partille Cup. Jephias and his two years older referee partner Clemence Leonard make eight appereances at the world’s largest handball tournament today.
– It’s very good here. We get new experiences and the people are nice. Players are kind to us and the surroundings are nice. It’s fun to share experiences with all the participants, the duo says.
The journey from Zimbabwe to Gothenburg took 19 hours.
– It was definitely worth every hour and minute to get here. We really like Partille Cup.

16 matches in two days is nothing for Jephias and Clemence.
– We are used to it. We get to rest sometimes.
Partille Cup is the only tournament in Europe the men from Zimbabwe go to. Otherwise, they’re being referees at home in Africa.
The temperature differences are large – but not a problem.
– Your summer is like our winter, they says.

Text: Eric Nilsson
Photo: Julia Björkeryd

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Three straight wins for the Indian national team

Historically Indian teams has not gone that far in Partille Cup. But this year, the Indian national team of girls 18, has won three straight games and on Thursday they play a group final against IK Savehof from Sweden in group 3. Although it is the first time the team plays Partille Cup they aim high.

– We want to win everything, says the team captain Susma.

In the victory against FFI Håndbold from Denmark (13-9), Susma were one of the most prominent players in the team. When she is asked about why the team has gone so well so far in the tournament, she is however humble and modest in her response.

– We are very well together and work hard for each other.

Jugminder is the coach of the team and agrees in what his captain says. He also says that he is satisfied with how the team has tackled the different weather climate.

Do you have any other goals in the tournament than winning?

– We want to know handball better and by that i mean the gameplay. Being able to look at other teams and see how they play and then add what is good in our approach to the sport, says Jugminder.

What do you think about the city of Gothenburg?

– It is very clean unlike most cities in India, says Susma.

What are your individual goals in your handball career? 

– It is to play the Olympics at some point in the future.

Indian Handball Team has two games left in the group stage and the group final against IK Sävehof is played at Heden 18 at 09:05.

If you want more information about the Indian team and group 3 you can click here.

Text/Photo: Alexander Olausson

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Ljubomir Vranjes: “Partille Cup is a paradise”

Ljubomir Vranjes and his son William has arrived to Partille Cup.
Flensburg-Handewitts head coach likes what he sees.

The Vranjes family landad at Landvetter 10 o’clock today. Then we went to Kviberg where William joined his teammates in Flensburg-Handewitt B15.
Ljubomir enjoyes Partille Cup – despite the rain. He also liked the vacation in the Maldives.
– It is a paradise. You can not have it much better, says the swedish legend that won one World Championship gold and three European Championship golds during his playing career.

Do you think Partille Cup is a paradise?
– Yes, of course. Partille Cup is a paradise for those who are interested in handball! I’ve played here twice with Redbergslid. Then it was big, but not as big as it is now. It was raining then too, he says with a laugh.
What is the best thing about the tournament?
– To see the happiness the children have. And you get to see so many different styles of teams.

His son’s team has won the first three games with many goals. When the website visits a game Flensburg-Handewitt defeat french side MSW HC 1 with  27-3.
– I hope they have fun. It’s even better if they win. But it is not the most important thing. Most important is that they get the right development. As I’m the coach of the first team, I hope that they develop and gain experience. Here they face great players and teams from different countries, says Ljubomir Vranjes.

Tomorrow afternoon will the Champions League champion sign his newly released book at Heden.
– I hope it will be good. I have heard that the book sold out in bookstores, so that’s positive.
He wrote the book for a particular reason.
– I want to share my life and show that not everything in life needs to be very good all the time. You can still succeed as long as you believe in yourself.

On july 17 the 42-year-old start up the training with his Bundesliga club again.
– What I think about next season? We want to win everything every time we play! Last season we lost six games. It was to many, says “Ljubo”, which was named coach of the year by the International Handball Federation two years ago.

Text: Eric Nilsson
Photo: Julia Björkeryd

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Loui Sand prepares for the Olympics

The Swedish national team player Loui Sand were at Heden in the womens European Championship tent. Many youngsters flocked around the 23-year old who happily lined up photo after photo.

Sand played Partille Cup from the time she started playing handball until she turned 21.

– It is great to come down and meet everyone. I know what Partille Cup means and to win the tournament was for a long time my dream. Now I have other dreams, says Sand.

One of the dreams Sand has is to go as far as possible in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro later this summer. And the preparations has already started.

– I have just returned from a training camp and now I am training very hard on my own. We (the national team) will meet again on July 12 and after that, apart from four days, the team will be together until and throughout the tournament.

How do you feel about the Olympics?

– Of course it is a bit nerve racking at times, but it is not something I go around thinking about all day.

What do you think about your chances?

– I do not dare to say anything yet, but every game will be like a final as there are so many good teams, says Loui Sand.

Yesterday Johanna Bundsen were in national team tent and today Loui Sand. Want to meet more players from the Swedish handball team? On thursday Jamina Roberts will come to the tent between the hours of 13-14 and at the same time on friday Isabelle Gulldén will guest Heden.

Text/Photo: Alexander Olausson

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