South Korea attracts audience – again

Last year the Korea Youth National Team was one of the major attractions in the Partille Cup and won the B18 class. This year the south koreans compete in the B18 class – and like last year they attracts a lot of audiences.

The Partille Cup playoffs have started and entertaining games are played everywhere. At lunch time Korea Youth National Team played a tough 1/16 final against swedish team Enköpings HF on Heden 16. It became a thriller. The south koreans finally won with one single goal. After the victory with 17 goals to 16 the players and coaches celebrated and cheered a lot together. The head coach made double high fives with all players.
– I’m very happy with the win, says Lim J, who was one of the best players in the game.
They won four out of five games in the group stage. They want to repeat Korea Youth National Teams success from last year.
– Of course we can win the tournament. We have the confidence required to do that, says Lim J.

They face the norwegian team Fjellhammer IL 2, which are also known for having good support, in the 1/8 final. In other words we can look forward to another great and well-attended match. The 1/8 final will be played on Heden 19 at 16.25 today. Lim J does not want to go home.
– I like the Partille Cup. It’s friendly, the city is beautiful and the people here are nice.
He plays in the junior national team and wants to take the next step in his career.
– I dream about playing for the senior national team, says the talented playmaker.

Eric Nilsson

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Clarification about the group stage sequence

To avoid any uncertainties about the sequence of the teams in the group stage we want to clarify what the Partille Cup rules says.

Prior to the tournament the signed up teams are divided into groups containing of six to eight teams. All teams are playing against each other between tuesday and thursday. Those who get the most points will win the group. Should the teams involved have the same numer of points is it the result in the meetings between the teams that determine who will be ranked first. If the meetings between the teams ended in draws will the teams with the best goal difference between the teams win the fight. Should the goal difference also be the same will the the team with the highest number of scored goals be ahead. If they also have scored exactly the same number of goals will it be a lottery.

The three top teams in each group consisting of six to seven teams and the four best teams in the groups of eight teams will reach the A playoffs. The rest of the teams in the groups will play in the B playoffs. Tomorrow all A and B finals are played at Heden. Partille Cup wants to wish all teams good luck in their playoff games!

Eric Nilsson

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Epic friendly game at Heden

Brazilian B21 team HEBS arrived to Partille Cup with too many over aged players and risked minimal playing time during their stay in Gothenburg. Then swedish pro Emil Berggren put together an All-Star team to face them. The friendly game at Heden 1 became very entertaining and was seen by a large audience.

It all started when Emil Berggren bumped in to the brazilian team, who explained the situation.
– They came to me and asked me if we could fix a friendly game. Then I tweeted about it, to get together players. It felt like the best channel. There were many who read it and wanted to join. We got a strong team, says the 30-year-old, who won three swedish championships with Sävehof and next season plays for hungarian side Budakalász.
The team was called Partille All-Stars and consisted of several well-known players: Emil Berggren, Michael Apelgren, Tobias Albrechtson, Jonas Baekkevold, Marcus Jakobsson, Jimmy Karlsson, Jesper Östlund, Andreas Gjeitrem, Adam and Elias Krantz, Linus Ekman, Mattias Bejbom, Tomas Axnér and Alexander Girvan. Jonas Larholm, Jamina Roberts, Loui Sand and Filippa Idéhn were included as coaches.

It became a fun match where everyone entertained the audience. Tomas Axnér, who has scored over 1000 goals in both Elitserien and Bundesliga, and Emil Berggren started with some handball candy. The teammates then did the same. In the end Partille All-Stars won the game comfortably. But it should be mentioned that HEBS played well for a long time and that the goalkeeper Almeida denied Partille All-Stars a lot of times with brilliant saves.
– It was hard to know where we were going to put the tension level. We played seriously in the first half. Then it felt like it was pretty good handball. Then there was more show in the second half, says Emil Berggren.
The teams changes sport during the last minutes; from handball to football. Even then, Partille All-Stars won. Afterwards it was pure joy. The teams took photos together.
– It seemed like they were having fun.. I talked to some of the brazilians before the match. They said they had looked forward to this. It was many people here. It became a new and funny thing.
Now Emil look forward to his and girlfriend Jamina Roberts adventure in Hungary.
– It will also be a new thing! I’m excited, says Berggren.

Eric Nilsson

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Regular price on live stream

From Friday, the regular prize for the matches sent through the Partille Cup live stream will apply.
Due to the technical problems we had during the week, we chose to extend our early bird offer until today, Thursday.
Now, however, we have the technology back on track and are expecting everything to work smoothly the rest ot the week.
And from Friday, when the playoff starts, our regular price of 159 SEK applies. This price also applies on Saturday, when the A- and B-finals take place.
We hope you enjoy our broadcasts during Partille Cup’s last two exciting days.

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Time for finals in the EOC

The European Open Championship (EOC) has now played both group games and main rounds. Now the final, bronze match and placement matches is waiting tomorrow. Austria and Sweden play the final after they won their groups while Iceland and Norway fights for the bronze after finishing second in the main rounds.

Remaining game schedule EOC

Sweden-Austria: 21:00, Scandinavium.

Bronze Match
Iceland-Norway: 19:00, Scandnavium.

Placement Matches (Final Placement)
Estonia–Israel: 17:00, Scandinavium. (5-6)
Poland–Czech Republic: 15:00, Scandinavium. (7-8)
Belarus–Netherlands: 13:00, Scandinavium. (9-10)
Romania–Slovakia: 11:00, Scandinavium. (11-12)
Luxembourg–Georgia: 13:00, Valhalla Sporthall. (13-14)
Faroe Islands–Finland: 11:00, Valhalla Sporthall. (15-16)

Alexander Olausson

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