Star players on a visit

During the EHF Euro 2016 in Sweden, the Partille Cup office have been seriously star strucked several times during these last couple of days. Going into the main round in the championship lead some of the national teams to Gothenburg. Until today Friday, 8 teams have been playing in Scandinavium. The very same arena that hosts Partille Cup’s Opening Festival Ceremony during our tournament. Some of the sides have chosen to place their strength and rehab sessions to Partille and our brand new arena. For the Partille Cup staff it is a fantastic privilige to be able to go the same gym (“Improve Health”) as the stars of the Swedish and Dutch national teams.

The motivation comes naturally as you go to the lunch class of the week and you see players like Estevana Polman, Nycke Groot and Isabelle Gulldén lifting the weights. The sides have been to the arena at several occasions and we are very proud that they pay our work place some visits. Unfortunately our Swedish girls had a tough finish in the EHF Euro 2016, but we have still been served some really good performances from the Swedish squad and many of the players are young and will continue to develop until next big championship.

For the Netherlands a hard final vs. Norway is waiting. The game against Denmark ended with a Dutch victory (26:22) and Norway beat the French selection (20:16) in a tight game. One of these two teams  will stand as the winner of the EHF Euro 2016 Sweden, and regardless of the colors of their shirt we can promise you that the winning team will have a former Partille Cup player in their team. Nicke Groot or Nora Mørk are two of the candidates. We will see on Sunday. From Partille Cup – World of Handball we wish all of the remaining teams best of luck in your finals.

We also hope to see some of the players from 2017 Partille Cup in the future EHF Euro tournaments in a couple of years, so register your team for next summers Partille Cup and keep up the good training.

The players on the picture is from the left: Filippa Idéhn (Sweden), Laura Van Der Heijden and Estevana Polman (Netherlands)




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EHF Euro 2016

Finally the EHF Euro has begun, and with that a great number of high-class matches and stunning performances by Europe’s top players. The first games started Sunday with matches from Group A and B. From those matches the reports  were focusing on the goal explosion and attack-oriented handball from Serbia vs. Slovenia (36-34) and the smart defence that led Sweden to a solid victory against Spain. The B group had a surprise in store when Germany managed to beat Netherlands (30-27) and a more expected win, France vs. Poland (31-22).

We have also heard many good things about the arrangement so far, with a splendid Opening Ceremony, reminding us what to come next summer in Partille Cup. The Group stage continues today Monday with games in both Malmö and Helsingborg when group C and D start their tournament.

In Malmö you can follow Denmark’s road to play-off, but they will have a hard competition with todays opponent Montenegro. For those of you that will follow the games onsite, please stop and talk to us during tonight’s games, we will be there on the stand. If you have bought tickets for Stockholm and the third game for Sweden, we will have the same possibility of bumping into each other Thursday night as we will have an event there also.

Partille Cup is inspired by great performance but also by great players, therefore we want to thank all you Swedish and foreign players in the rest of the teams for making this EHF Euro 2016 to such a memorable event. With hope to see many of the star players from the championship beside the playing fields in Partille Cup July 3-8. 2017.



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Partille Cup on TV

Sunday October 23. Swedish TV is showing a reportage from this summer’s Partille Cup in the program “Lilla Sportspegeln”. We will follow Mia and her teammates from one of the participating clubs, IFK Tumba, during their first Partille Cup.

During the week they were playing loads of matches, resulting in both joy and disappointment on the playing fields. Considering the reportage is about Partille Cup, it will include plenty of play and fun for the girls as well as pranks with the team coaches and much more.

To all you happy participants  from last summer’s tournament, you will definitely have your share of recognition. For you guys who still is waiting for your debute in the tournament, watch the program and be inspired to register your team to Partille Cup – World of handball July 3-8.

The program will be in Swedish and broadcast in Swedish TV as well as on a Play channel  found below. 

SVT Play

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New registration record

Now the registration soon has been open for a week and we are flooded with registrations. Handball as a sport seems to go towards a positive trend and we could´t agree more. Many of you want to make sure to be part of Partille Cup 2017 and that is probably why we have received more registration than ever before in such a short time. Hopefully our last tournament still lingers in the memories of our participants and we hope to see as many of guys next summer as well.

First team to register this year was Skuru IK and their B13, and after their registration teams from all over the world have followed. The interest of participating in the world´s largest handball tournament for youths is increasing and we are extra satisfied that we now find so many new clubs in our database. After having completed your registration and payed your teams registration fee, you will receive an individual code for your team to use to gain access to “My team info”.

We will keep you updated with all the latest news about the tournament, so please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us via our social medias.


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Registration is open!

Now the registration is open and therefore you and your team can register for Partille Cup – World of Handball 2017. The tournament dates are set to July 3-8. Do what 500.000 other handballers have done before you, participate in Partille Cup.

Register here!


Register your team in the right age class. All the classes are listed below:

B21 Boys born 1/1 1996 and later
B18 Boys born 1/1 1999 and later
B16 Boys born 1/1 2001 and later
B15 Boys born 1/1 2002 and later
B14 Boys born 1/1 2003 and later
B13 Boys born 1/1 2004 and later
B12 Boys born 1/1 2005 and later
B11 Boys born 1/1 2006 and later
B10 Boys born 1/1 2007 and later

G21 Girls born 1/1 1996 and later
G18 Girls born 1/1 1999 and later
G16 Girls born 1/1 2001 and later
G15 Girls born 1/1 2002 and later
G14 Girls born 1/1 2003 and later
G13 Girls born 1/1 2004 and later
G12 Girls born 1/1 2005 and later
G11 Girls born 1/1 2006 and later
G10 Girls born 1/1 2007 and later

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