YouTube relaunch

With over a billion users, close to one third of the people using internet, and accessable in 76 different languages, YouTube is truly what’s on peoples top of mind when it comes to online film and clips. Everyday people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube which generate billions of views. People tend to watch more and more YouTube on their mobile devices, half of the views actually, indicating that moving media is something constantly growing and something people watch at home, at work and on their way.

Therefore it is time for Partille Cup to relaunch our YouTube channel. With a new style and new as well as classical film clips from the tournament. This will be where we put up our films and clips, but of course you will also find the films on our web and via our social medias, but they will be linked from our YouTube channel.

Partille Cup does already have 55 K users on Facebook, 6K on Instagram and now we would like to invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Feel welcome to check out our promotion films, some classical film clips from the past Partille Cup editions or some interviews with the handball stars that we consider family members to the tournament. Of course we also keep our eyes open for fun, interesting and amazing films or clips from our followers and participants. So keep sharing your best memories from the world’s largest handball tournament for youths and don’t forget to tag them “Partille Cup”.


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Apply as referee

Now the application is open and that means warmly welcome to all you referees that have an interest of participating in 2017 year’s Partille Cup. You apply by register via the button below on this page or via the referee section. We will collect your application for a first draft in mid March, whereafter we will analyze the number of participating teams from the different countries and then we will proceed with our second draft in mid April. Every year hundreds of referees apply to join us for this incredible week of handball. In 2016, we had over 240 referees join the team and we anticipate around the same or more for 2017.

Of course we welcome referees from all over the world, the tournament is the most international one there is, therefore we are looking to get a broad as well as talented and experienced referee crew. Your applications will be handled by our referee team and you will all be notified regardless of the result. Being a referee during Partille Cup is something extra special. Not only do you get to participate and help co-ordinate in the world’s largest youth handball event, but also as a referee in Partille you get to discover a lifetime of incredible memories and friends.

Should you be selected, your week begins with the arrival at you tournament home. This is traditionally one of the schools and all the referees stay together. As with the players, during the day you will find yourself refereeing a number of matches, but your evenings will come alive with such events as the magnificent ‘Opening Ceremony’ or the legendary ‘Leaders Party’ and of course seminar discussions with international standard referees of longstanding experience.

All referees are permitted to travel around Gothenburg with a Partille Cup pass to the different playing fields and in your spare time with the public transportations, your participation will furthermore grant you full board  if you are staying at the referee school (otherwise you will have lunch and dinner during the day). Participating in the tournament as a referee will also result in several generous discounts on various tourist attractions. Last, but not least and for many referees, the best gift yet, comes the referee specific t-shirt. Just talk to a referee who has been at the cup, you will soon understand! Of course for every match you referee, you will receive a previously agreed payment.

So, welcome to an exciting summer at Partille Cup!

Do not hesitate to contact us at, where Matilda or the rest of the referee crew will answer your questions.

Apply here!

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Merry christmas!

When the snowflakes are about to start falling over Sweden and the playing fields of Partille Cup, the time has come to summarize the year of 2016. The year has offered plenty of high class handball experiences, where Partille Cup was complemented by the EHF Euro in the beginning of the year as well as in the end with an moist and intense Olympic handball tournament in between. The fact that the viewers and the audience have been offered triple championships of highest quality has given the sport handball a true boost. An effect that we can confirm to tell by the number of registrations for the world’s largest handball tournament for youths, Partille Cup – World of Handball. During the fall the number of team registered have kept growing, something that makes us believe that we might reach our record levels this coming summer. In addition our hotels are starting to book up.

About the championships, the men begun the year by playing EHF Euro 2016 in Poland. After a tough and well played tournament Germany got to raise the Cup after a solid win against Spain. Next big thing was the Olympic handball tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where both the French men as well as the women were defeated in the final by Denmark and Russia. The handball year ended in December with the EHF Euro 2016 played in Sweden, where Norway won a tight final against the orange Dutch side. The game was truly good advertisement for handball and the city of Gothenburg was flooded with happy Norwegians, cheering and clapping for their team as they filled the arena. In the end it was the former Partille Cup participant Nora Mørk who lead her team to the victory.

During the christmas holiday, the office will be closed December 24-26. and Dec 31. and Jan 1. as well as Jan 6. apart from that the office will be open.

The staff at Partille Cup office would like to thank you all for contributing to the experience of Partille Cup and wish you all a happy holiday and a truly, happy New Year! With hope to see many of you during 2017 year’s Partille Cup July 3-8. If you haven’t had the time to register your team yet, feel free to seize the opportunity to do so by clicking the button below.



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Star players on a visit

During the EHF Euro 2016 in Sweden, the Partille Cup office have been seriously star strucked several times during these last couple of days. Going into the main round in the championship lead some of the national teams to Gothenburg. Until today Friday, 8 teams have been playing in Scandinavium. The very same arena that hosts Partille Cup’s Opening Festival Ceremony during our tournament. Some of the sides have chosen to place their strength and rehab sessions to Partille and our brand new arena. For the Partille Cup staff it is a fantastic privilige to be able to go the same gym (“Improve Health”) as the stars of the Swedish and Dutch national teams.

The motivation comes naturally as you go to the lunch class of the week and you see players like Estevana Polman, Nycke Groot and Isabelle Gulldén lifting the weights. The sides have been to the arena at several occasions and we are very proud that they pay our work place some visits. Unfortunately our Swedish girls had a tough finish in the EHF Euro 2016, but we have still been served some really good performances from the Swedish squad and many of the players are young and will continue to develop until next big championship.

For the Netherlands a hard final vs. Norway is waiting. The game against Denmark ended with a Dutch victory (26:22) and Norway beat the French selection (20:16) in a tight game. One of these two teams  will stand as the winner of the EHF Euro 2016 Sweden, and regardless of the colors of their shirt we can promise you that the winning team will have a former Partille Cup player in their team. Nicke Groot or Nora Mørk are two of the candidates. We will see on Sunday. From Partille Cup – World of Handball we wish all of the remaining teams best of luck in your finals.

We also hope to see some of the players from 2017 Partille Cup in the future EHF Euro tournaments in a couple of years, so register your team for next summers Partille Cup and keep up the good training.

The players on the picture is from the left: Filippa Idéhn (Sweden), Laura Van Der Heijden and Estevana Polman (Netherlands)




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EHF Euro 2016

Finally the EHF Euro has begun, and with that a great number of high-class matches and stunning performances by Europe’s top players. The first games started Sunday with matches from Group A and B. From those matches the reports  were focusing on the goal explosion and attack-oriented handball from Serbia vs. Slovenia (36-34) and the smart defence that led Sweden to a solid victory against Spain. The B group had a surprise in store when Germany managed to beat Netherlands (30-27) and a more expected win, France vs. Poland (31-22).

We have also heard many good things about the arrangement so far, with a splendid Opening Ceremony, reminding us what to come next summer in Partille Cup. The Group stage continues today Monday with games in both Malmö and Helsingborg when group C and D start their tournament.

In Malmö you can follow Denmark’s road to play-off, but they will have a hard competition with todays opponent Montenegro. For those of you that will follow the games onsite, please stop and talk to us during tonight’s games, we will be there on the stand. If you have bought tickets for Stockholm and the third game for Sweden, we will have the same possibility of bumping into each other Thursday night as we will have an event there also.

Partille Cup is inspired by great performance but also by great players, therefore we want to thank all you Swedish and foreign players in the rest of the teams for making this EHF Euro 2016 to such a memorable event. With hope to see many of the star players from the championship beside the playing fields in Partille Cup July 3-8. 2017.



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