Getting around Town

Useful information for your visit.
We’ve gathered information on tickets, apps, maps and much more that you as a visitor might find useful when travelling in Gothenburg.

Easy options

If you choose to stay at a hotel and makes the reservation through the Partille Cup office: a Silver Wristband is included if you stay at least five nights. This wristband entitles you to free use of buses, trams and boats in Gothenburg. To make a hotel reservation take a look at our hotel offers:  Our Hotel Packages

Don’t forget to download the travel planning app Reseplaneraren, available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Apps and services

Reseplaneraren (Travel Planner)

With the app Reseplaneraren you can easily look up routes, departures and schedules for trams, buses, boats and trains right in your phone. The app is free to download and available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in both English and Swedish (it automatically adapts to your phone language settings).

Cykelstaden (Bike route planner)

The bike route planner is unfortunately only available in Swedish. However, it includes maps, bike rental stations and basic service stations. The app is mainly icon-based so might be useful when biking in Gothenburg, even though in Swedish.


Below we’ve listed a handful of maps over bus, tram, boat and bike routes as well as parking garages. Perfect to print and bring with you or download in your phone.

Boats and ferries

There’re two routes which takes you across and along the river Göta älv. Boats to the southern car-free islands depart from Saltholmen in west Gothenburg while the car ferry to the northern islands depart from Lilla Varholmen in north-west Gothenburg

  • The Älvsnabbare ferry takes you across the river between Stenpiren and Lindholmspiren. It’s free, so you don’t need a ticket.
  • The Älvsnabben ferry takes you along the river, from Lilla Bommen to Klippan, via Stenpiren, Lindholmspiren, Slottsberget and Eriksberg. The ferry is included in your regular bus and tram ticket.
  • From Saltholmen there’re several boats departing for the south archipelago islands and the regular tram and bus ticket is valid, on all boats.
  • From Lilla Varholmen there’re car ferries heading for the northern archipelago islands. These are free, so you don’t need a ticket, even if you bring your car.

You’re allowed to bring a bike on all boats and ferries, both in the archipelago and on the river.

Read more on how to get to the archipelago.


The bike rental system Styr & Ställ makes it easy to rent a bike in Gothenburg. There are over 50 rental stations around the city and you can pick up and leave your bike at any of them.

The 30-minute rule

When you rent a bike, the first 30 minutes are always free, no matter how many times you rent a day. The second half hour cost you 10 SEK and the third 20 SEK. The fourth half hour and longer thereafter costs you 40 SEK for every started half hour.

3-day card

The 3-day card is usually suitable for most visitors. The card costs 25 SEK and is purchased at any of the rental stations using a debit or credit card. Apart from the 25 SEK there will be a deposit of 140 SEK on your card and you’ll be charged in case you exceed the 30-minute rule. In other words, if you keep within the rule you’ll only pay 25 SEK, in total.

Read more about Styr & Ställ.

Car and parking


In Gothenburg, all parking meters at street parkings are labelled with the word TAXA, followed by number 1-7, 22 or the letter A. The table below shows the fee applicable at a certain time of the day, as well as how long you’re allowed to park at each TAXA.