Final day, finals day!

Many players and leaders consider Partille Cup to be the youth World Championships. And of course, it’s great to win Partille Cup. Especially considering that some of the world’s best teams and countries participating! Saturday is the highlight of the week. It’s time for the finals to be played and all finals will be played outdoors at Heden Arena in front a chanting audience creating an supporting atmosphere.

The final day of Partille Cup is filled with emotions, expectations and vibrating excitment. It is now everything will be settled. For some teams the day of the finals also mean sorrow, for the disappointment of not making it to the final and that the adventure in Gothenburg soon will come to an end. For other teams the day means tension and enormous focus. For the top participants in Partille Cup these games will be the last and most important of the week  – silver or gold? Despite the fact that all teams are winners in their own way, it is never the less an achievement to make it to the finals. And only 18 of close to 1200 participating teams can call themselves champions.

Every summer Partille Cup builds Heden Arena with the capacity of 7 000 spectators. Previous we have completed the final preparations the night before the arrangement, something we’ve changed for 2017. Partille Cup have chosen to invest even more in Heden Arena and use its full capacity. Therefore the final setup was built already for the cup start in the beginning of the week, with higher stands on the inner field and Dj:s playing music from the start of the group stage  as well as during the play off (Tuesday-Friday).

If you have been here before you know that the audience is doing a great effort to cheer their team. Chants in all languages rumbles in the arena and the atmosphere is fantastic. So if you want to see the excitement, drama and dreams come true – do not miss the finals.

Your team need the support!


Adults: SEK 60
Children: SEK 40 (barn=4-14 år)

Free entrance with Partille Cup Pass. For those without a pass, entrance tickets will be sold at the central information.