First referee selection

First referee selection is completed. The referees selected have been informed by mail. The selection consist primarily of referees from our largest participating countries, as well as referees with high standard with a long history at Partille Cup. The tournament is growing this year meaning that a larger number of referees will be selected for the tournament.

During fall and winter, the referee team has read all the results from our referee questionnaires and put together a list of potential improvement areas within the work with the referees of the tournament. The changes begun already last year, but it will be more evident during this coming summer. 

The second selection will be around April 20. For those of you who haven’t been selected yet, please have patience and remember that couples will triumph single referees. So please spread the word among your referee friends out there that there will be a fantastic experience taking place in Gothenburg July 3-8.

Welcome to Partille Cup – World of Handball!