Welcome to the largest and fastest gokart track in Sweden, nearby central station in Gothenburg.

Here you will drive in the most modern electric karts – faster, fresher and better for the environment! When it comes to gokart, we are the best, but here we also serve food, have pool tables, shuffleboards, racing simulators and a few other games. Gokart is one of the few sports where everyone competes against each other, young or old, boy or girl, everyone is welcome and all compete on the same terms!

The minimum length to drive on your own is 135 cm, if you’re not that tall you can drive along with an adult in a twin kart.
Have a look at our homepage before your visit, where you can find an instruction video of how to drive, check out the track, karts and more.

Find out more here: Gokart

Price: 2 for 1 with Partille Cup Pass