Liseberg is a natural meeting point. Here you can enjoy everything from food and entertainment to the most breathtaking rides. Liseberg is for everyone, but most especially for children and young people.

Mechanica is fun, awesome, rib-shaking and fast. Teens will find their favorites among Flumeride, Atmosfear, Helix and one of the world’s best roller coasters made of wood – Balder.

In the Nordic region’s largest amusement park, it’s easy to get summer memories that warms the entire year. With nearly 40 rides and attractions, hundreds of thousands of flowers, cuddly bunnies, food, drink and entertainment on stage and theater, Liseberg offers something for everyone. Simply Scandinavia’s biggest amusement!

 At Liseberg the summer gets dizzier, crazier and more wild than ever and then perhaps it is not surprising that the evening is filled with participants who throw themselves into the coolest rides imaginable. Or participants that are just here to meet and socialize.

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Tickets: Liseberg offers free entrance to all participants with Partille Cup Pass.