A maritime experience centre

Climb aboard and leave dry land behind you. Set sail for a brand new world offering you excitement, adventure and discovery. Climb up the ladders and become a part of the old tales, with the salty sea spray in your face and the smell of diesel in your nostrils. Look out over the harbour entrance. At Maritiman you can go to sea without ever casting off.

Maritiman’s fleet of ships will take you on a voyage through a lost age with the help of seafarers’ tales and ship history. Our vessels represent a floating cultural heritage, firmly anchored at Packhuskajen, and together with our crew of guides they breathe life into tales which are well worth retelling.

Going to sea is so much more than metal hulls, bracing winds and salt-splashed cheeks. The term encompasses captivating stories and unlikely destinies. Our ambition is to give our visitors a sense of what it was like – and still is like – to go to sea. And our ships, like books, are full of stories just waiting to be told.

This is where you can find out about the stories which take you to sea.

Find out more on Maritimans website.

Opening Hours: Daily 11 AM – 6 PM
Price:  Go 2 for 1 (for all participants with Partille Cup Pass)