First Hotel Kviberg Park

First Hotel Kviberg Park is one of our new hotels for Partille Cup 2017!

Located in the middle of Kviberg – just one minute away from our event and field area. This is a very affordable hotel which is perfect for teams who wants to feel the handball pulse just outside the door. The hotel also offers a nice restaurant, gym and relax area.

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Distance to Heden: 5,5 km

      17 min     20 min     15 min


Our best offer to you

  • Five nights at a nice hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Free tickets to the opening festival ceremony
  • Personalized service through the entire booking process and your stay in Gothenburg
  • Partille Cup Pass and includes following:
  • Free travel by bus and tram in Gothenburg with suburbs
  • Free entrance to all finals
  • Lots of different discounts and offers

Do you want all meals planned? Buy our Meal Card for € 65 that includes both lunch and dinner (10 meals) at a central school restaurant.

Type of room   Price per night
Double room   Fully booked
 Triple room   Fully booked
  4-bed room   € 71 per person
All prices above includes all those things listed on the left, if you book five nights or more.

If you stay shorter buy Partille Cup Pass (worth € 170) for only € 45 per person include free public transport, free entrance to several activities, discounts and lots more.

  • Kviberg 3
    Four beds
  • Kviberg 2
    Twin double
  • Kviberg 1
    Double room
  • Kviberg 3
  • Kviberg 2
  • Kviberg 1

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