New brand book

The world’s largest youth tournament in Handball is renewing its brand book. After the success story building a solid tradition and tournament in Partille, a suburb to Gothenburg, the tournament grew larger and decided to move into Gothenburg by 2004. This was the start of a journey resulting in record numbers of participants and giving the tournament a magnetic power over the World of Handball.

Partille Cup has developed through a unique and overwhelming journey in becoming one of the world’s largest annual youth events. The event is creating a venue where sport and culture can meet. Where a power may grow of making a difference, not only in the field but also out in the world.

– In our quest for constant improvement and development the demand for a sharp profile and brand book has increased, says Fredrik Andersson, General secretary of Partille Cup.

The process has taken some time with the ambition to renew as well as maintaining a certain level of recognition. The new profile communicates our core values in a better way and gives the brand a visual modernization. With the launching of the new brand book, Partille Cup now possess a new expression and a strong profile to lean against in the process of developing the brand.

– To lift out our “handball player” from the previous logotype and create an icon that would work as a solitaire as well as redirect it forward was the base in the work, Fredrik continues.

Due to the launch, Partille Cup seize the opportunity of updating and restyling parts of our website. None of the functions will however be changed, and people will recognize our sites browsing around our web sites and social media channels.