New hotels

This year the number of inquiries of hotel bookings have hit the roof. Exciting of course, it means a lot of new co-travellers and teams, but also challenging as Partille Cup already have partnered with a majority of the most popular hotels in Gothenburg. The increased demand made us determined to engage two more hotels to this years tournament and now that’s a reality.

Scandic Mölndal will be completely renovated during this spring and in good time before Partille Cup the hotel will be in exquisite condition. The hotel offers a wide range of room types, suiting both teams as well as co-travelling families and single travelers. Its location in the western parts of Gothenburg with a large number of public transports outside the door will take you to your games at Heden in about 15 minutes.

Quality Hotel Winn is offering competitive prices with a strategic location close to the main road, giving teams with their own bus an excellent accessibility to both Heden and Kviberg. Furthermore they offer bus parking, indoor pool and a cosy hotel restaurant.  Quality Hotel Winn has some larger room types, which makes it perfect for teams and co-travelling families.

At Partille Cup we are delighted to offer you our new hotels Scandic Mölndal and Quality Hotel Winn. And of course over the increasing demand for hotels during the tournament from co-travelling families and supporters. We hope you long for Partille Cup – World of handball as we do!

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