Partille Cup proudly presents our partners. We are extremely proud of all sponsors and without them the tournament could not be held. It is with these companies and organizations that Partille Cup can continue to be developed and together we implement the world’s largest and most international youth handball tournament.




LISEBERG, the amusement park that has over 40 rides and attractions, games and wheel of fortune, music scenes, dance and numerous restaurants and cafés in a lush parkland. The amusement park has something for everyone. The children thrive best in “Kaninlandet” that is full of smaller attractions, while young people can challenge themselves at tougher attractions like Mechanica, Helix, AtmosFear, Balder or Kanonen.


GB GLACE was established in 1942 and aims, just as then, after the same thing; quality, service and make the most delicious ice cream. GB GLACE are leading the Swedish ice cream market and loves ice cream. The goal is to offer good and fun ice cream for you as a participant or visitor and hopes the products exceed your expectations. GB GLACE can be found in all playing areas and at Heden Center, where the ice cream bar with soft ice cream is located. Please try out the GB GLACE Beach, a cool sandy beach right on Heden where the toes are heated by the sand when you are soothed by the most delicious ice cream.


Opel is one of Europe’s largest automakers. Opel sells over one million vehicles annually. In 2014 this made it the third-largest passenger car brand in the European Union. During the event, about Opel vehicles will be used by the Partille Cup team to meet the tournament requirements of transport and logistics. In Sweden, Opel has about 90 sales locations and about 140 workshops across the country.

Established in 1923, hummel has a long history of creating sportswear, an expertise that easily shows in today’s fashion collections with sporty silhouettes and an overall active look. Throughout the years, hummel sportswear has also initiated and supported several projects focusing on changing the world through sport. Partille Cup and Hummel are very similar when it comes to our values and we believe by association together will strengthen our own brands.


HALLON provides the market’s simplest mobile subscriptions. hallon is a mobile operator that is not like any other. As a customer, you can replace both the subscription form as well as operator, when ever you want. Plus, no complicated bills. And it makes hardly any worse that hallon is also cheap? hallon are official mobile operator to Partille Cup.

NORDSTAN, Sweden’s most diverse shopping center in the middle of Gothenburg City. Fashion Stores, Home Furnishings, Electronics m m. 200 stores and 37 million visitors per year, making NORDSTAN a place that simply must be visited during your stay. As a participant, you will also receive a shopping booklet with lots of offers.

KOPPARBERGS, is a Swedish brewery located in Kopparberg. It was founded in 1882 and is Sweden’s second largest Swedish-owned brewery. The products we sell, out of KOPPARBERGS range, is Dufvemåla water, RC Cola, KB orange and Kopparberg non-alcoholic cider.

PICADELI want to make it easy and safe for you to compose a good, useful and inspiring food experience by your own, and they can almost promise that they have a salad just for your taste. The fact is that in Picadelis salad bars you control over both the content and quantity of your particular salad. Available at Heden Center.

PÅGEN is the largest bakery company in Sweden. All the baking is done with love. Pågen bakes and sells, among other things, bread, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, pastry, cakes, muffins and rusks. During the years Pågen has been behind the development of several products that today are a most at the store shelves. During the week all participants will take part of Pågens bread.

STC GREENFOOD has the widest range of fruit and vegetables. The Group is today one of the largest independent actors in the fruit and vegetables in the Nordic region. The Group consists of 14 operating companies, with approximately 500 employees and operations in three business areas – purchasing and trading, pre-cut and Eden Salad. Obviously, Green Foods’ products are served during Partille Cup.

PAC provides the market with the best total solution of disposable and consumable items from around the world. Pac has a comprehensive range of disposable and consumable items and packaging to hotel, restaurant, retail, specialty retail, cleaning and industry and the public sector.

CONSAT DATA is a complete partner in IT and their products and services cover a very broad spectrum. Consat Data takes care of installation, configuration, maintenance, backup and administration of computers, networks, software and computer accessories.


IPLAY is a unique social platform for sports that connects athletes, clubs, coaches, agents and sports fans worldwide. Iplay is a tool where the athlete is given the opportunity to manage his/her career as well as gaining full control over their communication, schedule, economical interests and interact with different stakeholders using any mobile device or computer.

DEMO GROUP consists of five business areas which together offer complete service in event, meeting, technology and entertainment. Their ambition is to be as independent as possible. By operating in all five areas attractive synergies between the companies is created. Demo Group is a house full of energy and creativity, and works by the motto service, expertise & quality!

The brand RAVELLI is created for the sports movement. By people who know that youth activities cost. Instead of fancy shops, we let the youth sell and earn money for the club or class fund. Functional and stylish products at reasonable price. And with a name that opens doors.

FRESH ‘N REBEL – Fresh with a rebellious tint, Fresh ‘n Rebel delivers stylish mobile accessories. Whether you listen to your favourite playlist on a Rockbox or charge your phone on the go with a Powerbank, Fresh ‘n Rebel products are for those who share a genuine love for fun, freedom and beautiful things. At Heden you’ll be able to try and buy the products.

NINTENDO with the world-famous game series Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox and Mario Kart will be on site during Partille Cup. There you will get to test the latest and most fun games on their game console Wii U.

The aim of FOLKSPEL, the purpose and belief is that all people, regardless of background or circumstances have a right to feel good and be a part of a positive context where they will be highly appreciated, feel the community and is respected for who they are. FOLKSPEL is the gaming company owned by the sport clubs and has generated incredible 16 billion SEK during the 25 years it has operated. Money gone straight into the clubs and gave them growing power.

FOLKTANDVÅRDEN, the Public Dental Service, which operate at the public county director’s goal to give us a better dental health. During the Partille Cup the public dental care is at place to provide emergency care when necessary, but also to raise awareness of dental health and how we can achieve a better dental health.