Don’t miss #iplayfair

Partille Cup and IPY Holding AB have chosen to launch a common campaign project called #iplayfair.

The purpose of #iplayfair is to reward good behaviour and comradeship, both on and of the pitch. It can be anything from acting in true sportsmanship on the pitch, like assisting the referee in a decision to helping a Partille Cup participant in need of help on the streets of Gothenburg or at Liseberg.

During the tournament the participants will be able to nominate a player, referee, leader or an entire team who he or she thinks have done a good deed. The referees will also be able to nominate.

The nomination is done by filling in a form at the Iplay Sport’s tent located on Heden Center or at the Partille Cup tent where you play. We will gather all nominations and our jury will choose a winner each day. The following day we will have a ceremony and hand out a nice price to the winner.

Partille Cup is the event where sport and different cultures have an obvious place to meet. Participants from all over the world and in several ages, from 10 years and up, will play handball and hang out at several locations in the city.

We must help each other to feel safe and comfortable in the meeting with each other. This goes for everyone, as participants, audience or residents. Partille Cup want all visitors to have fun together, take care of and respect each other. As an example, there are zero tolerance for sexual harassment or abuse. If all participants and leaders will help to prevent misbehavior, if good behavior can be rewarded and raised, we create role models that can inspire others.

Iplay Sports wants to pay attention to and favour a good climate in the meetings with other people, both in the digital world as in real life. Therefore, Iplay Sport, together with Partille Cup, will launch the #iplayfair campaign.

We want to show what good influence sport can have when it comes to building bridges between cultures, religions, ethnicity and exclusion. The very meaning of #iplayfair also goes very well with the core values of Partille Cup as well as Iplay Sport.

Iplay Sport values:

•Participation, for everyone.

•Responsibility, social and personal.

•Joy – all sport and exercise should be built on joy.


This is why you should take action and be a part of the #iplayfair.

Nominate here.