Players Club put on hold

Our tournament disco, Players Club, will be put on hold this year.
The reason is that our current location at “Svenska mässan”-convention centre is no longer available. The Partille Cup organisation has been monitoring the market for a suitable alternative without succeeding. Partly the difficulties are to find a place large enough, but also the geographical location, availability during the summer as well as finding a solution meeting our high demands on security.

– Of course we are sad to end a 40 year old tradition. Players Club has been something exclusive and popular for parts of the participants. Obviously some players had energy left after a full day of handball, Fredrik Andersson, General secretary of Partille Cup says.

The organisation behind Partille Cup hopes that the national team tournament as well as an large investment in the arrangement around Heden Arena will attract the former Players Club-participants.

The national tournament European Open Championship will from now on be hosting M 17 (men) and W16 (women), starting with M 17 this summer. It is played parallel with Partille Cup at the arenas Valhalla and Lisebergshallen during the group stage, ending with the finals at Scandinavium Arena. Free entrance for all participants wearing their Partille Cup Pass.

At the Heden Arena several additional stands will increase the ambiance and contribute to an tighter setting. Dj, speaker and entertainment will be contributing to an atmosphere normally only found at the finals.  

Fredrik continuous. – The days and the nights during the tournament week is filled with activities. A part from their games, they have the Opening Festival ceremony, the amusement park Liseberg, shopping and the Gothenburg archipelago. Without mention the necessary spare time needed to meet players and friends from all over the world. Hopefully these extra arrangemangs with the European Open and arena will reduce the missing for the disco.

The ambition for Partille Cup is to be the number one of venue or meeting point for all the handball players of the world. Plan your week now so you can watch the national teams fighting over the title of the European Open between July 2 to 7, or plan your full days on Heden where every day will be with a touch of finals!

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