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Now the application is open and that means warmly welcome to all you referees that have an interest of participating in 2017 year’s Partille Cup. You apply by register via the button below on this page or via the referee section. We will collect your application for a first draft in mid March, whereafter we will analyze the number of participating teams from the different countries and then we will proceed with our second draft in mid April. Every year hundreds of referees apply to join us for this incredible week of handball. In 2016, we had over 240 referees join the team and we anticipate around the same or more for 2017.

Of course we welcome referees from all over the world, the tournament is the most international one there is, therefore we are looking to get a broad as well as talented and experienced referee crew. Your applications will be handled by our referee team and you will all be notified regardless of the result. Being a referee during Partille Cup is something extra special. Not only do you get to participate and help co-ordinate in the world’s largest youth handball event, but also as a referee in Partille you get to discover a lifetime of incredible memories and friends.

Should you be selected, your week begins with the arrival at you tournament home. This is traditionally one of the schools and all the referees stay together. As with the players, during the day you will find yourself refereeing a number of matches, but your evenings will come alive with such events as the magnificent ‘Opening Ceremony’ or the legendary ‘Leaders Party’ and of course seminar discussions with international standard referees of longstanding experience.

All referees are permitted to travel around Gothenburg with a Partille Cup pass to the different playing fields and in your spare time with the public transportations, your participation will furthermore grant you full board  if you are staying at the referee school (otherwise you will have lunch and dinner during the day). Participating in the tournament as a referee will also result in several generous discounts on various tourist attractions. Last, but not least and for many referees, the best gift yet, comes the referee specific t-shirt. Just talk to a referee who has been at the cup, you will soon understand! Of course for every match you referee, you will receive a previously agreed payment.

So, welcome to an exciting summer at Partille Cup!

Do not hesitate to contact us [email protected], where Matilda or the rest of the referee crew will answer your questions.

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