When can I send in my application to become a referee at Partille Cup?

The application for 2016 will open during the winter. More information will come when the date is set.

Where can I make my application? 

Click “Application” to the right and fill in the form.

In which categories can you apply? 

You can apply as: State, Region or District. If you are unsure about category, please contact your local handball association.

How will I know if I am selected?

Selection of referees will be held in two major rounds. Selection 1: March 16 (majority of all referees). Selection 2: April 15 (remaining referees). Thereafter, only existing referees that has postponed will be replaces. All referees will be notified personally by email.

When does the tournament start for the referees?

Partille Cup 2016 is held from July 4-9. Information meeting for referees Monday July 4. When selected to the tournament, you will get info about the place and time for the meeting.

When do I get my referee list?

All referees will receive there referee list on the information meeting.

How many games do I referee per day?

Every full day referee has 6-10 games a day.

What is included?

All referees will get a matress, sheet, blanket and pillow at the school. All referees will get a Referee wristband that gives you right to use public transportation systems, get meals at the school and generous discounts on several tourist attractions. All referee gear is brought by referees themselves. All referees will receive the Partille Cup T-shirt for free.

What do I need to bring?

All referee gear is brought by referees themselves.

Accommodation for referees?

All referees stay at a school free of charge. There are possibilities to stay at hotel if wanted, but referees themselves will pay for this.

Are there possibilities to stay extra nights? 

Yes, we can arrange accommodation at the referee school for free during Sunday July 3- Sunday July 10. 

Where do I eat during the tournament?

Breakfast is served at school where the referees are staying. Lunch and dinner is served at a central school or at the playing field at Kviberg or Skatås.

Where are the games played?

All games are played on artificial grass in central Gothenburg.

Transportation during the tournament?

All full day referee gets a Referee wristband that allows you to use public transportation in Gothenburg. Use public transportation from school to the playing fields. 

Transfer to and from airport?

The number of Partille Cup transfers is limited.

What will I get paid?

The match payment is SEK 90 per 2×15 minutes game and SEK 120 per 2×20 minutes game.
The travelling payment is SEK 70 per day.
Theres is no other compensation for the trips to-/or from Partille Cup.

How will I get paid?

Your payment will be transfered to your bank account in SEK. 
Therefore it is very important that you give us your correct bank account information!

Other questions

If you should have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will help you.


Welcome to Partille Cup 2016!