Summary 2016

The weekend before Partille Cup, we had teams representing USA, Zimbabwe, Chile, Brazil and Peru in our Training Camp. Experienced coaches from the Swedish Handball Federation and the local team IK Sävehof trained the teams. The players got new skills, tried new exercises and went on to play really well in the tournament the following week.

The first teams arrived on Thursday and started the weekend with practice, which continued on Friday. On Saturday we had friendly games at Ugglums skolan and in the end of the day we had a nice BBQ. Our last day of practice, was also the last day for the instructors and teams together, before the big tournament, Partille Cup began.

For the coaches we gave them the opportunity to visit Partille Cup’s head office and listen to the coach, Martin Fredlund. He spoke about how we develop handball players in Sweden, it was a successful event and the coaches got answers to their questions. During this time, they could also share experiences with each other.


We are so happy that you enjoyed Training Camp and we hope to see you again in 2017!