Sweden won the EOC 2017

Sweden goes through the European Open Championship (EOC) without losing a single point. On Friday night, the host nation defeated Austria in the final in Scandinavium. The final score was written to 34–22 and there was never a question – Sweden were the better team from start to finish and have done so in all the gamees in the tournament. Valter Chrintz, who usually plays in IFK Kristianstad, scored eight goals in the final and is very pleased with how his team played.

– We were good all the way through. Good saves from the goalkeepers, verything is just perfect.

Yesterday there was a big audience at Heden when Partille All Star met Brazilian HEBS. The audience success has also been a fact at the EOC. In the final there were 5400 people and supported the teams in Scandinavium.

– It was absolutely amazing! You just stood and watched the stands when you sang the national anthem. That there are so many people who want to support is what makes us able to push the whole match today. You just have to say thank you, says Valter Chrintz.

How good is this team?

– If you can be a little confident, it is really good. All guys are absolutely amazing. When it gets a little worse in some situations, some steps up and play as we should.

Final standings of the EOC

Gold: Sweden
Silver: Austria
Bronze: Iceland
Fourth place: Norway
Fifth place: Estonia
Sixth place: Israel
Seventh place: Poland
Eighth place: Czech Republic
Ninth place: Belarus
Tenth place: The Netherlands
Eleventh Place: Romania
Twelfth place: Slovakia
Thirteenth place: Luxembourg
Fourth place: Georgia
Fifteenth place: Finland
Sixteenth place: Faroe Islands

Alexander Olausson