Thank you for a fantastic 2017

Partille Cup 2017 became that great and successful handball party in Gothenburg, just as we hoped it would be! A total of 4206 games where played on 65 venues at Heden, Valhalla, Kviberg, Härlanda Park and Priority Serneke Arena.
In addition, the national team tournament European Open Championship, this year for boys born in 2000 or later, where settled in Lisebergshallen, Valhalla indoor halls and at Scandinavium Arena. In Friday evening’s final of the EOC, the host nation Sweden won 34-22 after an exciting match against Austria in front of 5 400 spectators.

Participants from 43 countries, close to 22,500 players in 1185 games, did not only play handball during the week, they also got to know Gothenburg, visited Liseberg, had fun at the event area at Heden Center, where fascinated by the Universeum, traveled to the archipelago, shopped in Östra Nordstan and around the central parts of the city.

Altogether Partille Cup generates SEK 120 million in tourism income and is of course one of the most important events of the year for the city of Gothenburg.

– It’s been a fantastic week and of course we are, despite a windy Monday and a little rain on the final day, we’re on the whole overjoyed that we were lucky when it came to the weather, says Fredrik Andersson, General Secretary of Partille Cup.

– Especially at Heden the citizens of Gothenburg really helped us all to make Partille Cup such an exciting event. We estimate that more a than quarter of a million people visited us during the week.

In 2018 the Partille Cup event is taking place between the 3rd and the 8th of July.

– 2017 has been our best year so far, Fredrik Andersson says. People I’ve met from all over the world really think we have taken the next step, lifting Partille Cup to the next level. I can’t say that I’m satisfied, you will never be that in my position. But of course I’m happy and proud of what we’ve done this year.

– Still, now we aim to develop further, to make 2018 even better. I can already now promise that we will present a couple of news for next year later on.

When it comes down to pure sport Sweden was the most successful country with seven victories – Denmark just one step behind with six.

All the winners in  Partille Cup 2017:

  • Boys 10: OV Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Boys 11: RK Zagreb 1, Croatia
  • Boys 12: RK Maksimir Pastela, Croatia
  • Boys 13: RK Maksimir Pastela, Croatia
  • Boys 14: RK Zagreb, Croatia 
  • Boys 15: Skanderborg HB, Denmark
  • Boys 16: Skanderborg HB, Denmark
  • Boys 18: Lugi HF 1, Sweden
  • Boys 21: Hjortshöj Egå IF, Denmark
  • Girls 10: Skuru IK, Sweden
  • Girls 11: Alingsås HK, Sweden
  • Girls 12: Kråkeröy IL, Norway
  • Girls 13: Hörning Håndbold 1, Denmark
  • Girls 14: Bording KFUM, Danmark
  • Girls 15: HK Silwing/Troja, Sweden
  • Girls 16: FC Midtjylland, Denmark
  • Girls 18: Sorunda IF, Sweden
  • Girls 21: IK Sävehof, Sweden