The Opening Festival Ceremony

Double Opening Festival Ceremony during Partille Cup  

This year’s edition of Partille Cup will break our previous all-time-high record with margin. 2017 year’s tournament will be the most visited in our history, something that we have known for quite a while. A wonderful development challenging our organisation in an inspiring way.

The arena that will host the Opening Festival Ceremony is Scandinavium. An indoor arena, normally with a capacity of maximum 12.000 spectators. With this year’s participants record we wouldn’t be able to squeeze you all in even if stretching the capacity. Partille Cup is a tournament where team sprit is central and we see upon ourselves as including, and therefore we will do the show twice in the same evening. An earlier for the younger participants and one later in the evening for the elder.

The shows will be identical with the same content. For the teams that will attend the early show the game schedule will be adapted. 


There will be a packed arena this year so be sure to be there in time – this is the show that nobody wants to miss!

Show 1 
The doors open at: 16:30 
Show starts: 17:30
For: Participants from 10 up to 14 years of age and co-travellers and the public



Show 2 
The doors open at: 19:00
Show starts: 20:00
For: Participants from 15 up to 21 years of age and co-travellers and the public



As a consequence of doubling our show, we will now be able to provide local teams as wells as the public to buy tickets to the show. Local teams will buy their tickets via Partille Cup office and they will receive a discounted offer in their leaders mailbox. The tickets can be picked up at Centralinformationen Heden from Sunday. Decide in good time before which of the two shows you will attend. For co-travellers who have booked 5 nights or more via Partille Cup office, one ticket will be included for each traveller.

Others kan buy their ticket here: Buy ticket

Teams in category A, B and C
Tickets is already included in the participation fee . Tickets must be picked up at the Centralinformation before Tuesday 13:00 at the latest. After that the tickets will be sold. 


Adults:       € 13
Children:   €  9 (up to 14 years of age)

About the show

In Partille Cups constant strive for development, we proudly present a brand new concept – The Opening Festival Ceremony. As the name implies the opening night will have more of a festival character. It might be the most appreciated element of the tournament and possibly the most unique part as well. For many, the memories of the night linger long after Partille Cup is over.

See the video from 2016

The Opening Festival Ceremony will be loaded with high tempo and energy. The tournament will continue to develop the technical solutions. This combined with a stage surrounded by giant LED screens will give the technology a central part of the show. The Opening Festival Ceremony will not only be filled with participants on the stands, the floor will also be filled in a genuine Festival style.

Hundreds of dancers, choreographs, producers and technicians are working for months with the preparations. The manuscript take almost up to a year to complete, and all this hard work to be able to present a magical night at Partille Cup – World of Handball. To invite to a production of this scale is unique among tournaments, but apart from handball, Partille Cup is also about sharing experiences and meet with other cultures. During one night this is happening at the same time, that is why we put such an effort into the Opening Festival Ceremony. The Opening night is international by the tournament’s nature and for us the diversity is what makes our tournament so special. Combined with global songs and music we are breaking down barriers and creates new bonds of friendship that sometimes lasts for life. 

 If you have any questions regarding the Opening Festival Ceremony, please mail us
[email protected]