Camp questions

When will the official schedule be released?
– The schedule for practices, lunch, dinner etc will be released on this website a couple of weeks before Training Camp starts. Note: there might be a few changes, so you will be handed a new one on arrival.

Where will we have our practices?
– Will update shortly, please wait or send an email for more information.

How long will the practices be for
– 1 hour long.

Will there be time for our team to train on our own?
– Yes. Ugglums skola now have artificial grass just outside the sports facility. Feel free to use it any time.

If I want to get to Partille Centrum or into Gothenburg which bus should I take?
– Bus 513. We will have a copy of the time schedule in the reception. You can also download the app “Reseplanerare” on appstore. We will assist you if you need help with that.

Will we play friendlies? Who will we play?
– Yes there will be friendly games. You will either play another team on Training Camp or a local team like IK Sävehof.

Will we have another BBQ?
– Yes.

Will Wi-fi be available during Training Camp?
– Yes.

For coaches: Will there be another lecture for the coaches?
– Yes. More information will be released soon.