100 days left until Partille Cup 2019

As the headline reads, it’s only 100 days left until Partille Cup 2019! It will be a special year in many ways. As you know we have an anniversary to celebrate but there will be more teams than ever. Since the start in 1970, over half a million participants from 96 countries have been a part of the event.

With only 100 days left until the start of 2019 years tournament, we want to remind you that the last day of registration is approaching. There will be a record year in many ways, and we want as many as possible to experience this with us. So, do not miss April the 1st which is the last day of registration! For many people, it is the first time to visit the tournament. For others it may be the third, fourth or even 20th time to visit Partille Cup. Regardless, we want you to have as good an experience as possible. We do our best to try to exceed your expectations even this year. 

– We are proud to be part of a world where handball makes a difference, creates community and contribute to integration and a common future. Together we build a better world. A World of Handball. Says Fredrik Andersson, General Manager at Partille Cup