2nd Referee election

Mid-April means melting snow, the birds are singing again in Sweden and the 2nd referee election has just taken place. In order to fill up our empty gaps and to guarantee a high and even quality of the referees in this year’s tournament, the referee group in Partille Cup has been really busy trying to find the ultimate mix of experience and ambition. Within the referee project in Partille Cup, we feel that the tournament has taken some steps towards becoming more professional and also in raising the status of the tournament referees. This is something that we are dedicated to and also one of the reasons to why we are searching for referee projects around in Europe and Scandinavia.

We are very happy with our selection, but we would really like to take the opportunity of underline our ambition of increasing the number of Scandinavian referees in the tournament. As a result we have left some spots empty in order to fill them with referees from some really interesting collaborations with Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

The referee group also like to recommend some of you refs who didn’t made the cut, to enlist as potential reserves. There are still some referees who will enter the tournament via that opportunity. For those of you who were selected in this round, you will receive a mail confirming this within a few days.

Note: talk to and make sure that your colleague has registered for this year’s tournament, otherwise you risk being set as a single referee.