41 Lugi teams – a new record!

IK Sävehof is still the team with the most participating teams in Partille Cup and the second place goes to Lugi HF. They can proudly announce 41 participating teams in the tournament this year, a new record for them!

“The atmosphere of team Lugi is on top”, says Dawit Adébo, one of the coaches for Lugi’s G15 sides.
”All teams gathered early on Monday in our arena and we then went on ten buses to Gothenburg. Here everyone lives in the same school, jogging in the same dining room and showers in the same changing room.”

An explanation to why the team this year has gathered so many teams for the trip to Sweden’s second largest city is an increased interest in handball, says Dawit.
“Both Lugi and the handball in Skåne are growing. After football it is the most popular sport and a lot of kids start playing. For example, we have three teams in the B10 class here for the first time, so new players start to play all the time.
“We are here to have fun, build the team together and build the club. We are also here to learn to play handball and meet teams we never meet otherwise, but it is also clear that for the older players it’s also a bit more important to win.”

The fact that it’s Lugi and Sävehof who has the most participating team isn’t a big surprise for Dawit.
“It’s awesome that we’re so many here! It’s the same in Lundaspelen in the Winter time, then Sävehof comes with about as many teams to us. It’s no coincidence that these are the two biggest clubs in Sweden”.
“Both we and Sävehof have teams in the top league on both women’s and men’s side, but also the biggest youth academies”.

The handball party that can be seen in Gothenburg this week is something that Dawit has noticed.
“It’s a good feeling here at the Partille Cup. I was at Kviberg this morning and it’s awesome that there is so much handball in several places around the city. This is different from all other tournaments, all the fields are located so that you can see several of the matches. It’s perfect when there are so many teams!”
“Everyone is here because it’s a great tournament and the atmosphere is tremendous too!”