All set for a magic day with great finals!

Friday offered many exciting matches. One of these was the dramatic G10 Semifinal between Kärra HF and IK Sävehof. It went to sudden death and the Kärra HF player Maja Dannebro scored the winning goal!

The match at Heden 6 was extremely tight. The team changed goals with each other the whole game and the score was 11-11 at full time. There was a lot of drama in the sudden death. Both teams had the chance to score the winner, but it was Maja Dannebro who shot Kärra HF to the Partille Cup final. Wild cheers broke out among Kärra HF’s players and leaders.
– It was great to make the winning goal and it’s fun to be in the final. Partille Cup is a funny tournament. The best thing is to play games, says Maja Dannebro.
Kärra HF will face a very familiar team in the final tomorrow morning. They will meet their second team, Kärra HF 2.
– It will be fun, but tough. I think both teams have the same chance to win, says the hero.

Everything will be decided tomorrow! Which teams will get the trophys? It is set for a magical finals day. All A and B finals are played at the Heden Arena, which has a capacity of 7 000. The first A finals will be played at 9 am and boys and girls 10 will play the first finals. All finals will be streamed live. You can find more information about that on our website.

The A finals are played at the following times:
09:00: Boys / Girls 10
10:00: Boys / Girls 21
11.00: Boys / Girls 11
12.00: Boys / Girls 18
13.00: Boys / Girls 12
14:00: Boys / Girls 13
15:00: Boys / Girls 16
16.00: Boys / Girls 14
17.00: Boys / Girls 15