moments from 50 years

In 50 years, a lot of great moments are created. We have, with the help from you, gathered some of them here.

Did you meet the love of your life? Did you go to the wrong field but won the game anyway? If you have something you want to share, then fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Moment 1

Akhila Koteshwararn, India

The tournament was a huge success. Yet, one moment was very special to me. The time when I scored a goal. That’s the only goal I’ve scored on an international platform. I feel honoured to be a part of the event.

Moment 2

Fredrik Andersson, General Manager Partille Cup

The year was 2007 and it rained so much. A Norwegian team bought dish gloves to get a better grip on the ball. The opponents complained, but according to the rules they did nothing wrong. The next day … 

Moment 3

Milan Decorte, Belgium

The year is 2013 and HKW, a local handball team from Waasmunster in Belgium, is having its best showing at Partille Cup by far. After qualifying for the knock-out stages, they come across a very strong …

Moment 4

Linnea Nyman, Sweden

My best memory from Partille Cup was 2018 when I got the chance to receive the third prize trophy for the class G12. I felt so happy and proud of the team’s performance, then it was our first year on Partille Cup.

Moment 5

Renata Ferreira, Brazil

First time that a Brazilian team go to the finals. G21 lost in the golden goal but have a beautiful game. We are proud of these girls and the coaches from EC Pinheiros. This year we will have 6 teams from EC Pinheiros. Go Brazil!

Moment 6

Caio Rodrigues, Brazil

It was an amazing championship! It was a dream. We went to Sweden to play and we reached to the quarterfinals, we were really satisfied. Here, in Brazil, we only see people playing soccer. More than 50% of …

Moment 7

Monika Hagen, Sweden, IHF’s referee committee

The love took me to Partille Cup and Gothenburg 1990. And there I still am 29 years later. I refereed handball at home in Norway and met Lasse (Berndtsson), a referee from Gothenburg, in connection with an international game. Lasse was responsible for the referees in Partille Cup and invited me and my college. We took vacation and went to Partille Cup. The visit was an …

Moment 8

Miroslava Ovcearenco, Moldova

We came from Moldova, Chisinau, team Fortuna. Went 3 days and 2 nights, sailed on the ferry. It was the youngest age who played in 2018, the children had a great game they have not lost more than …

Moment 9

Franko Krstic, Croatia

Visit Lisberg after the victory of HT Slavonia Croatia.

Moment 10

Kaisa Johnsen, Norway

Once we arrived Torpaskolan where we slept during the tournament, we saw some boys playing basketball and we asked them in deutsch if we could join them. We became best friends with these boys and …

Moment 11

Lina Argéus, Sweden

I started to play handball in Sävehof when I was 8 years old, and I remember when I finally was old enough to play Partille Cup. As I played in Sävehof, we helped each year …

Moment 12

Anders Jigström, Sweden

Bollebygds AFF B14 won against Granollers in A-semi after sudden death. It was a great moment for us.

Moment 13

Ivor Vidović, Croatia

We came like two-time champions and we really wanted third consecutive title. I must say that during the whole tournament we were having a lot of fun. But the most special moment was our …

Moment 14

Glenn Claesson, Sverige, Partille Cup since 1970

I was eleven years old when Partille Cup had the premier in 1970 and I helped in the kiosks. After that, I have never missed a single tournament. As a player when our team won in 1973, as a leader/coach with five victories, as official and responsible for various areas such as mini-disco, disco, Leader’s Party, National competitions, and not least the Opening Ceremony. 

Believe it or not, but also …

Moment 15

Ida Vesterdal, Denmark

Bording girls 03 gets their victory nr. 4

Winner in Partille Cup 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Moment 16

Lukas Benesch, Austria

The moment between or after the matches of the day to sit down and have your Kopperberg, enjoy it while viewing other teams playing at the court.

Moment 17

Denis Vekić, Croatia

The year was 1998. After almost 2 days of bus travel from Croatia we settled in Lexby skola and went to lunch. The moment I entered …

Moment 18

Filippa Idéhn, Sweden, Nationalteam goalkeeper since 2011.

Partille Cup is really something for everyone. I have been involved as a player, referee, employee of the organization, coach and bystander. All the roles have made me equally happy.

The moments I remember are many. One is of course is my first tournament as a player. I belonged to my mother club Cyrus but …

Moment 19

Madelene Almeida, Sweden

One of the great moments I have is from the shopping cart in the picture, a shopping cart that some players had taken all the way from the city to …

Moment 20

Julie Kraft, Norway

We played a match where we won and it was against a really good team, and it felt so great! It was the first year I played Partille cup with my team, and we did it well!

Moment 21

Rafael Muylaert, Brazil

After two days trip from Brazil to Sweden by plane, train, and boat, we arrived in Partille with little time to spare for the opening ceremony. We were riding the …

Moment 22

Henrik Signell, Sweden

HENRIK SIGNELL, Sweden, that 1994 and 18 years old, became the first Swedish handball player to represent junior youth and A-national teams during one and the same season, then gold coach in IK Sävehof, and since 2016 the federal captain of the Swedish women’s team.

Moment 23

MAGNUS WISLANDER, Sweden, the world’s best handball player in the 20th century with, among other things, 2 World Cup gold, 4 Euro gold, 3 Olympic silver, 384 national competitions, five Swedish gold medals with RIK, and twelve years as foreign professionals in THW Kiel (seven German Championships, etc.

Moment 24

Sweden, Mr Gothia Cup and boardmember IK Sävehof since 2003

For me, the move from Vallhamra in Partille to Heden in Gothenburg is the big moment in Partille Cup history. I wasn’t involved in Partille Cup in the 90s even though I followed Sävehof’s activities as a parent to a playing daughter. My main task was to lead the football tournament Gothia Cup where I became responsible in 1980.

Moment 25

RALF LUNDBERG, Sweden, competition manager for the European Open

50th edition of Partille Cup! Oh, how time flies and I get nostalgic. I started in 1975 as competition manager. An iron gang with Reine Bandelin, Lasse Berndtsson, Olle Engman, Rolf “Dörra” Engström and Krister “Kåpe” Pettersson sat in a room consisting of some tables and chairs in a teacher’s room in the entrance to Vallhamra sports hall. It was different times compared to today’s cup centers at Heden.

Moment 26

ISABELLE GULLDÉN, Sweden, professionals in Brest Brittany (France), national team player in Sweden since 2007 with over 200 matches, 15 goals for then club team CSM Bucharest in the Champions League final 2016 against Györi, and was recently named 2019’s ambassador in upbringing municipality Partille.