50 Years – 50 Moments

Many things happen in 50 years. Partille Cup has gone from a small tournament, to be the world’s largest handball tournament for youths. We have gone from playing on school yards to having over 70 playgrounds in central Gothenburg.

It has been added an opening ceremony, leaders-party, para handball, European open, an app, live streaming, more nations and more visitors. We have created a meeting place where the whole world can meet and make memories together. In 50 years, there are many memories and stories that have been created and now we want to hear YOUR memory.

Up until the tournament we will present 50 moments and now we want to hear your story. Did you meet the love of your life during the tournament? Did you end up on the wrong playing field but still won the game? Did you go the wrong way on the opening ceremony and ended up on stage? We want to hear!

To share your memory, click HERE to get to the formulary. Maybe it is you story that will told on our website and social media!