50 years anniversary coming up

This weekend, the 49th edition of Partille Cup, the world’s largest handball tournament, ended. Next year, it’s time for the 50th anniversary – and of course, that is something we want to be special and get attention to in all possible ways.

Since the start in 1970, over half a million participants from 96 countries have been part of the event.

Next year, it’s time for the 50th anniversary – and of course, that is something we want to be special and get attention to in all possible ways.

– We will introduce new veteran classes, we will give the opening ceremony, the leaders party, the All Star Match, the activity areas, finals and everything else a facelift, says Fredrik Andersson, Secretary General, who is now entering his 17th year at his post.

With the tournament 2018 still in fresh memory it can be difficult to imagine what more one can be done. Almost 4,000 matches,  sunshine, parahandball and Partille Cup’s own Culture Festival were introduced, the finals got a new framing and an all-star match with a long line of handball stars, attracting big crowds to the Heden Arena.

– We have to develop and lift the event every year, we must never be satisfied, says Fredrik Andersson.

– And now, when it’s a jubilee, we want to offer a little extra of everything.

Here is a summary of some of what we can expect next year:

  • Veteran Trophy – an opportunity for older handball entusiasts and close friends, old teammates to retire the old gang again and participate in any of the new classes +30, +40 or +50, which of course will be for both women and men.
  • All Star Match – next year we will also invite the international stars, both todays and yesterdays. We have some names in the book, but we will wait a little while revealing them. But we promise, it will be a spectacular game.
  • The Culture Festival test conducted this year with a scene in the center of Heden was very successful. DJs, dance groups, hip hop, trubadours, cultures from all corners of the world got an opportunity to show their skills. In 2019, we take it one step further, the aim and ambition is to lift this event even higher.
  • Mini-handball – the youngest have the opportunity to test the sport as we hope they want to come back to the Partille Cup when they grow older.
  • Nations Record – We will invite participants from more countries than ever before and hope for visitors from over 50 nations, which means record of the number of participating teams and players.

Partille Cup’s 50th anniversary hopefully will be a party that characterizes Gothenburg even more clearly than today and will be an unforgettable experience for all those who participate – whether it’s players, leaders, referees, parents or spectators.

More news about the anniversary will be published here on our website, partillecup.com.