A new world record!

The challenge ended in a world record. When this summer’s Partille Cup in handball could be summarized, together with Solidsport the host had live broadcasted 2,543 games from 40 courts over five days.

– A great feeling. We reach markets that we have never reached otherwise, says Fredrik Lundgren, sales and marketing manager for Partille Cup.

And the aim for next year is to break new boundaries at a whole new level.

2019 was a record breaking year for the Partille Cup, in every conceivable way.

When the world’s largest youth handball cup celebrated 50 years, 1,400 teams from 52 nations came together to celebrate the event in Gothenburg between July 1-6. Next to 40 of the courts stood equipment from Solidsport, to broadcast live games and preserve memories.

The result made history.

2,543 matches were available to watch live, and are currently stored on Partille Cup’s Solidsport channel. Never before have so many matches been broadcasted live from a sporting event in such a short time, making the successful project in the Partille Cup an unofficial world record.

– It was an amazing feeling. That we succeeded in the task we took on and that we also set a world record, says Fredrik Lundgren.

– I thought before the tournament that it was kind of crazy to go from the 16 cameras we had in 2018 to 40 cameras in 2019, but the project turned out very well. We really reached out with the cup via live broadcasts.

The broadcasts from this year’s Partille Cup had just over 68,000 views and that Solidport’s broadcasts added value to the tournament leaves no doubt, says Fredrik Lundgren. He chooses to talk about both the human benefits and the marketing value the live broadcasts have provided the cup.

“First and foremost, live broadcasts are one of the most powerful ways to reach out with marketing message around the tournament.”

“Many people now get the opportunity to take part in the world’s largest and best handball tournament from places around the handball world,” says Lundgren, pointing out that this summer Partille Cup had viewers from 85 countries.

– The live streams have a ripple effect, we’re reaching out to markets we otherwise would not have reached. Looking at the geographical spread, we have viewers from countries like Japan and Moldova, countries you would otherwise never associate with handball.

Fredrik Lundgren continues:

– You notice what an explosive power there is in sports, and that the world has become small with the help of technology. As I see it, the broadcasts is one step closer to registering a team for the Partille Cup. And the service means that so many relatives and families, that don’t have the opportunity to go to Sweden and Gothenburg to see the Partille Cup, now can follow the young players on the biggest adventure of their lives.

Solidsports CEO Tobias Thalbäck is very pleased with Partille Cup’s success with live broadcasts.

– Our history shows that we really like challenges and in the Partille Cup we have a partner who, like Solidsport, is constantly working to move boundaries to reach out with his sport and his message, in this case with the help of live broadcasts around the world. This collaboration has just begun and we look forward to achieving much more together in the future, says Thalbäck.

Fredrik Lundgren believes that the effects of live Solidsport broadcasts already can be seen.

– Lots of teams have already signed up for next year, including a team from southern Morocco. This is not a team we have had before, and there you can imagine an effect and a small example of this.

Looking back at a successful 2019, Partille Cup is now taking a new approach towards 2020 – and the goal is to break its own new world record: That is to live broadcast all the games from the cup.

– I think that’s the right way to go, to try to get as close to 100 percent of the tournament as possible. If we cover the entire tournament, no one will hesitate to get a subscription. The chance is very high that you will get to see your player, and then you are more anxious to secure a subscription.

All matches in the Partille Cup, that would mean about 5,000 live broadcasts in five days.

– That’s an incredible number. But technically we are already almost there, and we have mapped new areas in the city for the cup that will also facilitate the broadcasts. This was the first year we did this to such an extent and we now know better how to work, ”says Sebastian Särnblom, who serves as project manager for the live broadcasts from the Partille Cup.

Särnblom concludes:

– The number of cameras should not pose a much greater challenge, the challenge is to have people who handle the cameras – and I would say that the challenge is more exciting than insurmountable.