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Our Team

Fredrik Andersson

General Manager

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Liselott Boström

Administration & Accommodation manager

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Ea Bergstrand

Competition Manager

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Johan Ahlstrand

Tournament Director

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Caroline Tagesson

Administration Teams & Hotel

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We Care Projects

Our project promotes the place where sport, culture and values have a place to get together. Where a force can grow to really make a difference, not only on the field but also in the world.

Words from the team

A World of Handball

Since 1970 we have believed in the power of handball. Back then, an idea was born about gathering young handball players from all over the world at one place to play handball for a week. Not may people believed in that idea. Today we call this week, where more than 20 thousand participants, from all over the world, gather, socialize, play tough games and build bridges, A World of Handball.

At Partille Cup we are aiming to give all participants a lifelong experience. Not only by offering handball but also being a part of our other great events such as the Opening Ceremony. That the tournament takes place in the city of Gothenburg, with a reputation of being one of the absolute best events venues, with a large amusement park, the sea, shopping and welcoming citizens, reinforces the experience besides handball.

The meeting place

We create the world´s largest meeting place for youth handball players. A place where differences of colours, culture or gender doesn´t matter. Where respect and understanding is the foundation and playing handball together with thousands of people from all over the world is the tool. Partille Cup is the world´s most professional youth handball event where such possibilities will not be just dreamed about, they are realised. 

We are proud to be part of a world where handball makes a difference, creates community and contribute to integration and a common future. Together we build a better world. A World of Handball.

Fredrik Andersson, General Manager