All settled for an opening record

One of the highlights of the Partille Cup is the opening ceremony. And most fun of all this year, those who are among the visitors can be part of an attendance record in the Scandinavium Arena.

– It would be so fun if we could be more than 14,606 spectators and beat Whitney Houston’s record from 1988, says Sara Nord, producer and the mastermind behind the Opening Festival Ceremony.

We already know a few things about the opening ceremony – The Opening Festival Ceremony.

  • That it will be spectacular.
  • That it will be unforgettable.
  • That it will be solemn.
  • That it will be an parade of 700 participants reaching a level we have never seen in Partille Cup’s 49-year history.
  • That there will be performances of soloists who have international careers ahead of them.
  • That there will be singing, dancing, flags, shows, international and exotic performances, fire and fireworks.
  • That the feeling of the (hopefully) more than 14,000 spectators after the inauguration will be a single big WOW !!!

For the second consecutive year, Sara Nord is responsible for the opening ceremony and of course, she – a trained musical artist, vocalist and producer – once again puts her own mark on what we are experiencing.

– We’re all over the place and it’s going to be extra everything, she says when she gives her statement.

Some surprises?

– Oh yes! That I can promise! And they are literally really big ones!

Of course, we have the flag carriers and a colorful march for all participating countries.

– But this year we mix boys and girls as carriers, it felt a little old-fashioned with just girls and that was one thing I really wanted to change.

Sara Nord also tells us that the scene this year is placed in the middle of the floor in Scandinavium, so that we can fill up with spectators around the entire arena.

– But we will still have space with 3,000 people where the ice usually’s lying…

Compared with last year, the performance this year is a little longer, but without the pace being pulled down.

– It’s probably the other way around, Sara laughs. We’re even more intense this year. And we’ve also added extra effects to sound, light, big screen displays, pyrotechnics and fireworks.

The host for the show will be Joel Börjesson and soloists are the future stars Liam Erixon, Saga Ludvigsson and Stella Faith.

– We want the feeling as if yopu put your head outside the car window  while driving in the autobahn, like a whirlwind that makes you wonder what really happened …

In total, around 100 people work with the production of the opening ceremony in Scandinavium, and Sara tells that she and her colleagues started working on the show already the day after Partille Cup last year.

– If it’s going to be as good as we want it takes a long time, she says. All dances and all choreography, all songs, all movies, all music, all effects, everyting must be perfect.

We will see you on Tuesday the 3rd of July at 20.00!

Welcome to The Opening Festival Ceremony!