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We probably have the market’s most advanced and yet simple results system. The entire playing schedule and all results are available both on our website and in our apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. In addition, all games can be reported live with current standings and goal scorers.

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Live reports

All games during Partille Cup can be reported live. Our officials will handle the reporting of the games that are being broadcast. Remaining games can be reported live with your help. At each field there will be a phone for live reporting. You will find the guide here.

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the games live

Together with SolidSport we will be able to offer live broadcasts of the games. You can find which games that will be broadcast in the playing schedule. Find the games with the play-icon and follow the instructions

  • Livestreaming from 40 playing fields

  • More than 2000 games

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Get access to all the games from the 40 fields that will be broadcast. More than 2000 games will be livestreamed.

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Playing Schedule

In the app you can see all the games sorted by playing field, team and group but also as a list with all games your favorite teams will play.


Maps with all playing fields and areas so you can find them easily. With a direct link to the map in your phone.


Get all the stats! Goals, played games, goal scorers, participating nations, etc.

Different Platforms. Same User Interface. Equal Performance.