Author: Eric Nilsson

The para handball spread joy at Heden

IK Sävehof 1 and IK Sävehof 2 played against each other in the walking class in the para handball. The latter team won the trophy, but there were no losers according to Robin Gustafson. – Everyone is a winner, says the playmaker.

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Korea Youth National Team is through!

It is the last day of the group stage. One of the teams that has advanced to the A playoff is Korea Youth National Team from South Korea. – We are happy to have reached the A playoff in Partille Cup, says the top scorer Kim Joungou.

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Netherlands beat Sweden before the World Cup semifinal

Sweden face Netherlands in the semifinal of the Football World Cup at 9 pm tonight. The swedish team Stenungsunds HK met the dutch team Handbalschool Brabant in Partille Cup this afternoon. The latter scored the winning goal in the end. In other words: round one to the Netherlands.

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