Aztecas Mexico are eager to develop

One of the teams which have travelled a long distance to be part of the Partille Cup is Aztecas Mexico from Mexico. The journey has taken them from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to Sweden and Gothenburg, in order to participate in Partille Cup this week.

Aztecas Mexico bring two different teams to the tournament, one in B15 class and one in the B21 class, however, the ages of the players vary more than that.
“We have a team with many different ages, some are 16 years old and some are 18. We haven’t really played together but we managed to get a team, so we came here”, said Carlos Mc Cadden who will play for the B21 team and describes it’s situation.

Being a tournament and place that triggers the desire to return, is a sign of good hosting and something Partille Cup strives towards. Carlos can prove this.
“We came here last year and it was amazing. That’s why we’ve decided to come again”.
“Last time we played against a German team and drew that match, which was fun!”.

The B21 team played their first match on Tuesday afternoon and the opponents in the opening game was local side IK Sävehof.
“I don’t really know what to expect, but I think they will be bigger and stronger than us, but hopefully we can be quicker and have more energy”, he said prior to the game.
However, the match would prove to be a tough task and the team from Partille convincingly won 21-7.
“We want to have fun and be better than last year. Hopefully, we can learn something”, concludes Carlos.

Erik Malmqvist