Baltichov – one of the first finalists!

The G21 semifinal between the swedish team Baltichov and H 71 from the Faroe Islands became a thriller. But the girls from Gothenburg were better in the end and booked themselves a place in the final.
– It is the craziest thing that has happened in the history of Baltichov, says Elin Svensson.

Baltichov led at the break and had a comfortable lead. But H 71 came back in the second half and made the score 17-17. Then Baltichov scored three straight goals and secured the victory. The players showed tremendous joy and happiness when the final whistle sounded at Heden. Not strange at all, because they had reached the Partille Cup final as one of the first teams in the tournament.
– We have had respect for the other teams. Now we showed that we can as well. Before the Partille Cup started, I really didn’t think we were going to play in the final, says Elin Svensson, who scored several important goals in the game.

H 71 beat Baltichov with eight goals when they faced each other yesterday. It was a quite different outcome today.
– We showed that we are the strongest team, says Elin Svensson.
The win in the semifinal means that the 21-year-olds have to cancel their Friday plans.
– We were going to party, she says with a laugh. Now we have to get ready for the final instead.
She is hopeful before the final against Sävehof 10 am tomorrow.
– I think that we have good chances to win, says Elin Svensson.

Eric Nilsson