BK Ydun’s girls are set and ready

End of February approaches rapidly and by that many of our age classes are about to fill up. One of them is Girls 13. We got hold of the Danish club BK Ydun and the coach of their Girl 13 team, Dan Christensen. This is his reflections about Partille Cup and the experiences yet to come.

– Hi Dan, where are you from and in what division do you play back home in Denmark?

– We are from Frederiksberg, Sj?lland in Denmark and the team are playing in A1-division.

– Ok, sounds like you are a team far ahead? Have you had the time to visit Partille Cup yet?

– Yes, we have already participated once. Last year our team got the chance to go over to Gothenburg and play Partille Cup.

– Was it your first time as a coach in Partille Cup?

– No, it was not my first tournament, I have already been at Partille Cup as a coach ten times.

– That’s amazing! Then we´re talking to a veteran in this context. Since you have a lot to compare with… can you try to select a memory from your visits? Which is your best Partille Cup-memory?

– Oh, it’s hard to pick just one. I have been to the finals several times, but perhaps there is a moment that stands out… It was very special the first time the finals were played in Scandinavium. It was a great feeling to be met by 5000 spectators when we entered the game. The feelings we all had is hard to beat.

– We hope that your girls will enter the centercourt at a crowded Heden Arena with the same feeling in this year’s tournament. To get to the final, you must first go to Gothenburg and the tournament. Do you have any tips on what to do as a team to collect money? How have you done?

– We work extensively with this in the club, everyone must contribute. We have been working with distributing of flyers at our local shopping mall and we have also worked as guides during running competitions in Copenhagen.

– Wow! Good and creative solutions that may inspire other teams to do the same. When in Gothenburg, what cannot be missed?

– The Opening Festival Ceremony is a must for our players, and of course an excursion to Liseberg. That we cannot be without.

– Good suggestions!  What do you look forward to during this year’s Partille Cup?

– A week of great handball, sunshine and fun experiences.

– Thank you for the chat, Dan, and good luck in the tournament. We are convinced that you will have a fantastic week in Gothenburg this summer.