Breaking news about your games!

After having summarized our questionnaire, it was obvious that a majority of all the clubs valued to be playing their games in the central parts of Gothenburg where the atmosphere is something extra. This year we have managed to let all the teams play in the city center for at least one game. It will be a logistic challenge, but we think it is important that all teams will get to feel the unique atmosphere that is created here.

We will also invest time and resources in creating a more even experience regardless if you are playing at Heden, Kviberg or at one of the minor playing fields. This in order to create the unique atmosphere that symbolize Partille Cup.

Almost everyone who plays handball can participate. The tournament is open to all club teams in the world, and also school teams outside the Nordic countries. If you don‘t belong to the IHF’s A and B nations in Europe, national teams and regional teams can participate.  Para handball is here to stay and for this year we will be boosting the international atmosphere. The tournament is open to both classes, Wheelchair and Walking.