Can we get better?

The obvious answer is that we can. We not only can but should be even better. As an organization we are satisfied with the event we have managed to create, but we are not satisfied. We have lots of things we need to work on.

The Partille Cup has had a fantastic development, especially over the last ten years. Since the move to central Gothenburg, the event has more than doubled in the number of teams and participants. In terms of organization and sales, the increase is much greater than that. The large increase has also posed a lot of challenges. Every year, around 30 project managers are recruited, who work three to six months in preparation for the event, and in addition, 1500 officials will be recruited and trained to provide the best service. Over 5000 games are played on 70 fields and 36,000 meals of food are served daily to an international audience living in one of the 50 schools or 16 hotels scattered throughout the city.

We think we have met these challenges well. According to our latest survey this summer, our participants seems to think so too. 95% of all participants are satisfied or very satisfied with the event *. We are also told that it is an experience to participate, that we are professional, able to offer many activities in addition to handball, create a social community and that the Partille Cup is the place for international matches. The vast majority (84%) say it is likely or very likely that they will return already next year.

This summer, we celebrated the 50th tournament and we want to use this anniversary to kick off for the future. The coming years will focus on continuing to be the market leader in our industry and we will never stop developing.

The basis for our development will be the wishes and opinions of our participants. We are therefore grateful that nearly 40% of all leaders responded to our survey. We learn a lot by listening to you.

Some of the things that many of you want us to look at are the opportunity for everyone to play at Heden. We have already set up a group that is working on this. Because it’s not easy. We also want to take into account things like travel time, meal times and group divisions. But we can promise that we will do everything we can to try to get as many matches at Heden as possible. The goal is that everyone will get at least one match at Heden and we will report the result before the end of this year.

Other points we overlook are, for example, the variation of breakfast at the schools, the supply of food and drinks at the various playing field areas and facilities at both school and fields. We will also move the Opening Festival back to Scandinavium.

If you have any opinion that will help us be even better, feel free to contact us. We want to listen to you!

Finally, a big thank you for your participation in the survey.
Together we create World of Handball!




Fredrik Andersson
General Secretary Partille Cup


* Market Insight 2019.  Survey through individual e-mail link. 1137 coaches received the survey. 443 answered (39%).