Clarification of the Partille Cup rules

Today is the last day of the group play. We want to clarify the rules as we have got a lot of questions.

The order of the involved teams in the group stage are decided by:
1) Points
2) Points – head to head
3) Goal difference – head to head
4) Goals scored – head to head
5) Draw

As you can see is the head to head statistics the important thing and not the total goal difference.
– We have decided to do like this because we want to avoid that teams just wants to score a lot of goals in the last games to go through to the A playoffs and forgets to have fun. We think that this is a more fair system, says Christian Andersson, regulation assistent at Partille Cup.

Please e-mail all questions regarding the rules and the playoffs to [email protected].

Tomorrow it’s time for the playoffs! Let’s have some fun!