Danfo new partner

Partille cup is proud to present Danfo as supplier of toilets during the tournament.

-We are very proud of this cooperation. To be able to offer participants mobile toilets with flushing possibilities feels very good. Safe and hygienic toilets with a smart design are what we associate with Danfo and their subsidiaries “Hyrtoaletter”, says Fredrik Lundgren, Sales and Marketing Manager at Partille Cup.

Danfo started 1969 and has since then delivered public toilets to thousands of toilet facilities and to more than forty countries in the world. It is not only the world that is a common denominator when the collaboration begins, just like Partille cup, Danfo also has a 50th anniversary to celebrate in 2019

-As a world-leading supplier of public toilets with operation and maintenance, we are very happy to work together with Partille Cup. It makes us very proud to be involved and contribute to the world’s most professional youth events in handball. We are grateful for the trust and look forward to a rewarding and long-term cooperation. Says Mikael Magnusson, CEO of Danfo.

Danfo has a leading position in the market and has understood that it brings an opportunity to improve our world. This by taking their social responsibility, among other things, local sports and culture are an important part. Therefore, it is especially fun that Danfo has chosen to join in Partille cup where cultures from all over the world meet to play handball.