Don’t miss the bronze medal ceremony

Since last year, Partille Cup has made the pursuit for medals even more thrilling! We introduced a bronze medal.

In 2018 we introduced a third prize in the A-playoffs and also launched a completely new design for our prizes. With the new design, we lift the medals and The Golden Hand Trophy to the next level.

We are really looking forward to once again show the new prizes for you this summer.

By introducing a third prize in the A-finals, we give more participants the opportunity to play for medals and experience the Award ceremony on Saturday, July 6!

We therefore very much want also you that lose your semi-finals to attend the Award Ceremonies at Heden Arena on Saturday. There and then you will get your bronze medals – and this happens in conjunction with the a-final in each class.

Partille Cup wants you to be at Heden 6-8 when the final starts, contact our personnel when you arrive.If you have any questions please visit us at the Info Center at Heden.