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the GAME

Partille Cup’s fair play project. Our belief is that we all together- players, leaders, parents, referees, supporters, and the organization – can help to create a positive, supportive, and kind environment both on and off the field. 


The Game

Celebrate the Game is a fair play project that Partille Cup runs to create a better environment for everyone, both on and off the field. Our belief is that all of us - players, leaders, parents, referees, supporters, and the organization - can remind each other to respect one another and to think about how we treat others. Together we create an even better atmosphere on and around our playing fields.

This is youth handball

This is youth handball, not elite sports. Everyone is here to have fun, and everyone do their best. The players act kindly and have a positive attitude towards teammates, opponents, and referees. Everyone has a nurtured language and body language on the field and apologizes if they happen to hurt someone. Everyone listens to the coaches and try to not influence the referee's decision.

The referees are human

It is human to make mistakes and sometimes we do not have the same view of situations. But without referees we cannot play handball. Our referees always do their best, just like the players and coaches. Being a referee is an exposed task where you are forced to make quick decisions and communicate them.

The coaches are volunteers

The coaches and leaders spend a large part of their free time developing children and youths in handball. A coach also educates the future generations to become good citizens and creates a safe environment as well as help the players develop social skills and a joy of movement.

Parents cheer for everyone

We all want an embracing and decent match environment. Youth sports are based on play and joy. As parents, we encourage a warm and friendly behaviour and cheer on achievements from our own team, as well as opponents, referees, coaches and leaders. 

Treat everyone nicely and help to create a wonderful, tough, developing, embracing and pleasant match environment.


Please remember

During the tournament you will find our "Please remember" sign at all playing areas, a sign with some short but important messages: "this is youth handball", "the referees are human", "the coaches are volunteers" and "the parents cheer for everyone". The purpose of the sign is to help us remind each other of what’s most important on and off our handball fields.

Match delegates

To maintain fair play during all matches, we believe it is important that there are always people on site who observe and report on what is happening on and off the handball fields. Therefore, there are match delegates at all playing areas during the tournament. The match delegates are on hand to support players, leaders, referees, and officials and will encourage everyone to act in the Celebrate the Game spirit.

Referee observers

To have the best possible conditions for development for our referees and to make them feel safe and motivated, there are referee observers at all the playing areas. The focus is on younger and new referees, who together with the observer can evaluate their efforts to continue to develop the refereeing skills.


Fair Play Trophy

The Fair Play Trophy is awarded to selected teams during Partille Cup. To be nominated, the team must have shown proof of good behaviour during this year's Partille Cup. Throughout the tournament, players and leaders must have acted with exemplary manners against both opponents, referees, and other officials. The team's supporters must also act in a positive way and have contributed to create a good atmosphere around the team and their matches.

Our referees and match delegates nominate the teams for the Fair Play Trophy. But a team can also nominate an opponent after a match - inform the referee after the match, where you, with a short comment explain why you think the team is a good Celebrate the Game ambassador and how they contribute to the Partille Cup spirit in a way that makes them worthy of being awarded the Fair Play Trophy.

Previous Fair Play Trophy winner

HC Eynatten-Raeren B12 (BE), Torslanda HK B16 (SWE)


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