EOC group stage finished for Sweden

The group stage of the European Open continued on Tuesday and for Sweden it ended with a loss against Norway, who took their first win in the tournament.

The host nation, Sweden, finished their group stage matches with a loss against Norway, but they started very well and quickly went in front by 6-0. Nina Koppang and Elsa Åsberg led the offense with two goals each at the start of the match, while Hanna Popaja once again was superb in goal.

When Norway finally managed to find the back of the net, it was like everything turned around for them. At half-time the Norwegians led 10-8 and at full time the scoreboard said 20-16. Their first victory in the European Open, while Sweden now have to rely on other results in order to move on to the next round.
“I think we had a pretty good start when we went ahead 6-0. Then they made three straight goals and we started to get a little stressed. We didn’t really perform like we had hoped in the defense in that period of the game”, Nina Koppang stated after the final whistle.

The right back also had this to say about the overall performance from the Swedish side so far in the tournament:
“We’ve had a tough group and the Italy match was probably the one we played best in, but in the following match against the Czech Republic we were a little stressed so we didn’t reach the level that we had hoped”.